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OUR MUSE: Hair Stylist Yuri Sinata

March 14, 2016 THE KLOG

We don’t talk much about hair on Soko Glam, so we’re excited to have California-based hair and makeup artist, Yuri Sinata, share her hair insights today on The Klog!

THE KLOG: There are so many articles about oil slick hair and glitter roots trending now. What's the biggest hair trend you are seeing now?

In terms of cut—chin length hair and lob’s, are definitely still trending to the point it is becoming mainstream. Women are pulling off the tousled, undone, effortless wave with short hair and I love it!


THE KLOG: Are there any hair products that we should all know about?

I love dry shampoo from Prive. If you're on a budget baby powder does wonders! Make sure to dust it lightly on your scalp or spray from further away. Then shake your head upside down to remove some excess powder! The powder will absorb some oil from your scalp.

THE KLOG: Is it true that the warmer your shower, the worse it is for your hair?

It’s true— hot water is not good for your hair. It opens the cuticles and is very drying and damaging especially for colored hair. Hot water essentially weakens the hair. It's better to shower with cold water but who ever does? So, I say lukewarm is the way to go!

THE KLOG: Best tip for natural waves?

Texturizing spray instead of regular hair spray! More texture, more movement, especially for Asian sleek hairs! Also, curl opposite direction from each section or alternate directions. If you want the undone, natural beach waves look— don't curl the ends and leave about 2 inches undone.

THE KLOG: What's your advice for those wanting to be a hair stylist? What was your biggest challenge?

Dream, wake up and do it! My biggest challenge is to stay consistent. I'm too ambitious sometimes, I want to do everything at once. So it's hard for me to stay consistent.

Follow Yuri Sinata on Instagram @yurisinata and on Youtube. 





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