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March 11, 2016 THE KLOG
Chloe Moretz Does Seoul for Total K-Culture Immersion

Chloe Moretz is the 19 year old doe-eyed actress and model that we have all come to love and adore. She came back on Soko Glam's radar after she visited Korea and openly expressed her obsession over K-pop to Eric Nam in a live vlog session. We're now finding clips of Chloe's guest appearances on popular Korean variety shows such as We Got Married and Korean Saturday Night Live on Youtube and we couldn't be more delighted! Now that we know she loves K-pop, can speak some Korean and get down at the no-rae-bang (aka karoake room), the most important question remains— does Chloe love K-beauty? 

Oil Slick Hair Is The New Platinum

Platinum hair color is out and the "oil slick hair color" trend is in! Allow Guy Tang, Michelle Phan's trusted hair stylist, to walk you through Michelle's hair transformation from her "basic" hair color to magical, ethereal unicorn hair! If the oil slick hair trend is not your vibe, you can at least appreciate the time consuming process that people go through to get this multi-colored look!

One of the hardest (but rewarding) jobs in the world is being a mother, especially for new mothers who are just learning how to nurse their newborn while they recover from the delivery! That's why we think it's genius that Korea offers joriwon's, or postpartum care centers, for new mothers.

Here's how it works: After the birth, women spend their time being cared for by nurses on staff 24/7. These same nurses also watch over the newborns and bring them to the mothers for feedings. The best part is, the facilities usually offer amazing home cooked meals, spa treatments and maternity classes. Mothers— do you wish this was more readily available stateside? Comment below!

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