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March 17, 2016 THE KLOG

If there’s one part of our faces that get the most attention in terms of research efforts, it has to be our eyes. That totally makes sense if you think about it. Eyes are one of the first areas that show signs of aging: fine smile lines at the outer corners—sweetly referred to as laugh lines--, graying and creping underneath, and general wrinkling on and around the lid. As you’d expect, countless products are released on the regular, and many do deliver on their promises to some degree. You can thank all that dedicated research for that.

Admittedly, the whole “make sure my eyes look good” regimen can get a little mundane. Korean beauty has come to the rescue, per usual, with products as fun to use as they are effective at keeping your delicate eye skin plump and pretty. Let’s talk about a few of my recent favorites.

Banila Co It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Eye Patch


This lacey eye mask by Banila gives you the perfect excuse to selfie while simultaneously giving your skin a boost. I love that it’s only $5, making it a fun party favor for a sleepover with your girlfriends. I’d also like to note that it smells good and sticks to your skin, so no constant re-applying during the 20-minute setting.

Noteworthy Ingredients:

- Niacinamide: a potent antioxidant/vitamin that fights signs of aging
- Green tea: brightens the skin
- Lactobacillus ferment: an anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin

Missha Misa Geum Sul-Vitalizing Eye Cream


This is truly one of the more luxurious eye creams on the market. It’s thick and creamy and loaded with traditional, medicinal ingredients that’ll give you noticeable results almost immediately. Its packaging – a stout golden pot with jewel-like details on the lid – also points to high quality. A little goes a long way with this one, and once applied it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Noteworthy Ingredients:

- Wild ginseng: linked to increasing collagen production
- Deer antlers: Traditionally used in Asian skincare and helps to regenerate new tissue and assist in anti-aging. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this product!
- Reishi mushrooms: a super hydrator that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic

Tony Moly Intense Care Syn-Ake Eye Mask

Another striking eye patch mask, this time featuring a slick, jelly-esque texture that’s sopped in all kinds of skin-nourishing ingredients. The texture, though strange, is important because it’s gentle on the skin, ensuring there’s no tugging on this delicate part of the face. It also stays cool, which makes for a soothing experience.

Noteworthy Ingredients:

- Chondrus crispus: also known as red seaweed, it’s an emollient that hydrates the skin and protects it from free radicals
- Agar: also known as algae, it conditions and hydrates the skin
- Butylene glycol: This helps all the other ingredients penetrate more deeply

What are your favorite eye products? Do any of them have any noteworthy ingredients that deliver results for you?

—Wendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a beauty writer and photographer who lives in the middle of the desert, where sunscreen and moisturizers mean more to her than perhaps to the average human. She vividly, and fondly, remembers the first time she used a B.B. cream: in Seoul during a one-year stint she did back in 2009. She currently serves as contributing editor at xoVain and is an editorial writer at Refinery29, ModCloth, and other outlets. For Wendy, a lazy makeup day usually involves at least six products and probably a cat eye. Follow Wendy at @Wendyrgould

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