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LINKS WE LOVE: Kye + Shu Uemura for K-inspired Makeup

March 19, 2016 THE KLOG

Word on the street is that Korean fashion prodigy Kathleen Kye, also known as Kye, has teamed up with Shu Uemera for their Spring 2016 makeup collaboration. With a nod to Korean beauty concepts such as playful packaging and cushion blushers, we're excited to see what other large beauty brands will launch K-inspired lines next!

Mini Food Prepared In A Mini Kitchen
Will Make Your Childhood Heart Sing

We're not exactly sure why but it's strangely satisfying and calming to watch mini shrimp being breaded and thrown in a mini cauldron of cooking oil. Watch this popular Japanese miniature Youtube cooking series if you need a perfect way to zone out this weekend.

Recreate David Chang's Original Momofuku Bossam At Home

Not in New York but dying to try David Chang's famous Momofuku Bossam dish? In New York but don't want to deal with waiting weeks to get a reservation? David Chang actually reveals his mouth-watering pork shoulder recipe in the New York Times so you can make it at home. If you want to read another foodie/chef's perspective on the recipe, check out Jen Cooks Korean's version here.

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