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March 25, 2016 THE KLOG
Pony Does An Epic Taylor Swift Transformation


Pony, a true makeup pro and Youtuber from Korea, made her latest tutorial into a viral sensation. Through the four minute video, she demonstrates intricate contouring techniques using eyeshadows and eyeliners to transform into pop sensation Taylor Swift! With the addition of a blonde wig, bright blue contact lenses and a manicured red lip—the resemblance is uncanny. For us, the most intriguing part of the entire tutorial is when Pony uses an eyebrow pencil to contour the tips of the nose!

Alexa Chung Says Spray Paint Your Manicure— Steady Hand Not Required!

Photo Credit: Nails Inc

The wait is over! Nails Inc, the company who created the world's first spray on nail polish, is finally available in the U.S! To make it official, they've partnered up with Alexa Chung to advocate for this futuristic way of manicuring. After scanning through multiple instagram videos, we're definitely hooked.

Here's how it works: Spray the paint on your fingertips. Apply a top coat. Then wash off the excess paint and residue that made it onto the skin. Presto—perfect manicure! Has anyone tried the spray on manicure? Would you recommend it? 

Irene Kim Seoul Fashion Week Takeover

It's officially SS16 Seoul Fashion Week! Get a peek into model Irene Kim's world via snaps as she preps for her walk with Charms and Kye. If you pay attention, you may see a cameo of our other favorite Korean model, Stephanie Lee and a glimpse of Irene without her iconic rainbow hair!
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