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THE REVIEW: Lip Color From 3CE

February 04, 2014 Charlotte Cho

Lip Color
From 3CE


Often the biggest gripe about Korean color cosmetics for many non-Koreans is that it simply isn't pigmented enough. And for the longest time, I completely agreed. But Korea's standard of beauty has changed significantly since the '90s, to which many (including me) credit Lee Hyori. No longer is the waifish, pale-faced, straight jet black hair in. Instead, a toned body with a healthy tan/glow and lighter, tousled hair is Seoul's definition of attractive. So it's only natural that Korean color cosmetics are trending to be more colorful than ever before.

That being said - it makes me ridiculously giddy and excited to curate a selection of pigmented goodies from 3 Concept Eyes (3CE).

3CE is an offshoot of their wildly popular and addicting fashion line, StyleNanda, with a huge international following for their super edgy and funky apparel (think NastyGal on steroids). Then in 2010 they conceptualized a cosmetic line that was true to their StyleNanda brand, by focusing on the intensity of modern colors.

What peaked my interest in 3CE was their cream blusher - which I promptly curated last month. Their formula is so pigmented it reminds me of OCC Lip Tar, where a little goes a long way and the colors are just fun and out there (great for the dolly cheek look).

Then I had to have more. Now I've curated their Lip Color lippies, a creamy lipstick that I fell in love with mainly because of their vivid colors that are perfect for both the classic manicured pout as well as the trendy gradient lip. Their colors are completely one-of-a-kind and super complimentary with my skin tone. Each lip color gives me a different look, from sexy chic to the playful girl-next-door. And of course, like most Korean cosmetics - their lippies are very moisturizing so I don't even need to put a layer of lip balm before application. Like many who have reached out to me about curating 3CE, I'm hooked! Can't wait to try their other products!

xx charlotte











Me looking moody in #501 Bella.


Do you think Korean color cosmetics are becoming more pigmented? What are your favorite Korean lippies/blushes and eyeshadows? 




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