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REVIEW: Eco Finger Mask By Innisfree

May 29, 2014 Charlotte Cho

Eco Finger Mask
By Innisfree


When I found out that cutting your cuticles can lead to all sorts of hygienic and health issues, I asked my manicurist to push the cuticles back instead. Eventually, I stopped going to the nail salon altogether—it just wasn't worth paying $20-plus to have my nails done. Sadly, DIY nails are not as pretty with ungroomed cuticles, especially when they are chronically dry. 

While searching for new Korean beauty products to curate for Soko Glam, I stumbled upon the Innisfree Eco Finger Mask ($5). Although there are Korean sheet masks for your face, under eyes, and even lips, I was still surprised to discover a sheet mask for fingertips. 


Rose & Rosehip Eco Finger Mask


The Innisfree Eco Finger Mask comes in two varieties, shea butter/argan oil and rose/rose hip. I knew right away that I had to try this product, since the ingredients are all proven to be excellent skin moisturizers. Shea butter is a natural hydrator and it helps heal dry, irritated skin. French brands (such as L’Occtaine's Cuticle and Nail Cream) incorporate this ingredient into their nail solutions as well. Argan oil is a lightweight oil that is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that is often used to soften cuticles. Initially, I didn't understand what the benefits of rose hip were, but after some research, I found that rose hip has great healing and hydrating effects, too! Rose hip not only smells great—yay for aromatherapy!—but it's also known to repair skin cells and naturally nourish the skin. 


Before the finger mask treatment



The product comes in a flat and compact pouch, typical of Korean sheet masks, but it was divided into two sacs, each containing five fingertip-shaped sheet “masks." After washing my hands thoroughly, I slid the sheet masks onto the appropriate finger (the masks are sized to fit each individual finger!) and let them simmer and moisturize for about 15 minutes.



Sized to fit


Keep in mind: You won't be able to use your fingers so prepare your relaxation activities accordingly. 



After lazing around my apartment with the alien-esque finger masks, I removed them and took a look at the results. The first thing I noticed was just how healthy and moisturized my cuticles looked—and immediately. The normally white and cracked cuticle areas felt very hydrated and even looked moisturized. Although I use hand cream to moisturize my cuticles routinely, it just doesn't compare to the results of the finger masks. Thanks to the light pressure of the microfiber cotton and length of time your fingers are soaked in the essences, these masks force the skin to absorb all the moisturizing ingredients.


After the finger mask treatment.


As a bonus, the finger masks are actually pretty long, so the skin past my nail beds enjoyed the hydrating treatment, too! My fingertips did prune up a bit, as if I had spent just a tad too long in the bathtub. Needless to say, I’m hooked on this quick and affordable cuticle and nail treatment! Looking back, I can't believe that I used to pay upward of $20 for nail treatments at salon that actually harmed my nails—but now I know better.


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