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June 15, 2014 Charlotte Cho


My dad grew up in Seoul, and immigrated to California 38 years ago to pursue the American dream.  

Fast forward to my graduation day, when I told him that I decided to accept a job offer in Korea. He didn't get it at first. I remember he would tell his friends, "I came to America so she could have better opportunities, and now all she wants to do is go to Seoul."

But I knew from the way he looked at me, he was proud.

After five years in Seoul, when I told my dad I would leave corporate life to start Soko Glam. He warned me, "Starting your own business is very stressful- why don't you do something more stable?"

But I could tell from his voice, he was excited for me.


Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think about how how many challenges he faced starting a business in America when English was not even his native tongue. And yet he still managed to review my homework and take me to ballet classes.


Thank you Dad for being my biggest inspiration and supporter. I love you!


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