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July 06, 2014 Charlotte Cho
*Update 7/21* Have any skincare questions? Post your question below in the common section so I can help you uncover the science behind your skin concerns! Looking forward to your responses!
If you have been following Soko Glam from the very beginning (late 2012), you'll know that I fell in love with Korean beauty culture and cosmetics and was lucky enough to bring that very passion back to the U.S. through a special curated site and a beauty blog.

It really just started out as a simple passion project as I was transitioning from Seoul to New York—then something amazing happened. People started listening. After sharing my version of the 10-step Korean skincare routine on Elle and other awesome beauty sites, women (and men!) of all ages started sharing their experience with the products and the routine with me.

I remember one morning I received an email from a woman who suffered from eczema. She revealed that although she was initially skeptical about the Korean skincare routine, she saw the logic behind the steps and after a few weeks, she noticed dramatic improvements to her skin. One week later, I received four more emails from people who shared how much brighter and even their complexion has gotten. I was truly elated that in some way I had helped people take control of their skin (and their confidence).
As barf-worthy and cliché as this may sound—it was that month I knew I had found my true calling.
After many long talks with Dave and some soul searching, I decided it is time for me to take my passion for skincare to the next level: I have decided to go back to school to become a certified esthetician! This is such a big transition for me and I am so excited to learn more about ingredients, skin types, facials, and even skin diseases. I have to admit it is kind of daunting to think that we'll BOTH be in school for the next year (and a bit worried that Rambo will feel a bit neglected due to our busy schedules), but I think we figured out a way to prioritize our time to stay sane and in sync with each other.

The best part about going back to school is that now I have a platform to share the knowledge I gain. Look forward to more in-depth blog posts about skin truths and myths (and there are a ton!) so that you can also gain the knowledge that will allow you to be in control of your skin! :D

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Without your support and encouragement, I wouldn't have made it to this next big step in my journey. I can't wait to pay it forward with some great skincare tips!

xox- charlotte

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