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September 22, 2014 Charlotte Cho
The Faceshop 
Baby Face Hydrogel Mask - Hyaluronic Acid

When I picked up this mask, I didn't think much of the cutesy name, "Baby Face."

Can you see the mask?

But after testing the mask, I realize they named it literally after a baby's face because this is hands down the most transparent mask I've ever tried and with it on, it looks like I just came straight out of the womb. So slippery and shiny! I'll admit that it is a bit eerie seeing the illusion of baby smooth skin on an adult face. That being said, I always wondered when they would make masks more transparent and less Hannibal lector-ish so I was pleasantly surprised to see that passing thought come to life.

I don't want the innovativeness of the mask to overshadow the fact that having hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient is one of its cool factors as well - because after all, it's the ingredient (not the look) that will give you results. Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that your body produces to help retain moisture in your skin. The chemical actually helps your skin hold 100 times its weight in water and binds moisture to the skin. One of the most common skin conditions is actually dehydrated skin (even oily skin types!) which leads to more prominent fine lines and less firm or elastic skin. Applying hylauronic acid topically via mask is one of my favorite ways to keep fine lines away and for some of that bouncy plump skin.

It could be because of the transparency, but I noticed the mask was a little denser than what I am used to. Thanks to the separate bottom and top layer, it was a good fit and I had no problem lounging with my iPad sitting up. I could definitely see this being my go-to mask when I travel, so I can be more inconspicuous about my in-flight beauty treatments. 

The Baby Face Hydrogel Mask is a win for being innovative and having a superstar ingredient, especially for the colder, dryer months ahead.

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