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September 25, 2014 Charlotte Cho

The Review:
Get K-Beauty Box


Through Soko Glam, my mission has always been to:

  • Arm you with the knowledge and information you need to know K-beauty (techniques and skincare tips included)

  • Cut through the clutter of all the Korean brands out there so you can be confident in the selection

  • Give you fast access to the most popular brands and products

Throughout my curation process, it's also been really, really important to me to provide products that are high quality and not overpriced—because living in Seoul, Korea has taught me that you can actually have both!

That's why I'm excited to announce that I have teamed up exclusively with CJ E&M—the largest Korean entertainment company that brings you the hit beauty show, Get it Beauty—to bring you the Get K-Beauty Box, a collection of truly awesome K-beauty products at a pretty mind-blowing price point. Here are the details!



What is it: The Get K-Beauty Box is filled with seven full-sized products from popular and up-and-coming Korean brands such as Clio, Dr. Jart, Code Glokolor, Ellegirl, Mediheal and Faith in Face. 

Is it legit?: I've tested and approved all the products that were curated by CJ E&M and Get it Beauty and I am beyond stoked about their picks! Read my official review of the products below!

How much is it? The price of $50 is insane because the value of the products are priced at over $110. (Psst. The Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty balm alone retails for $48 at Sephora, so it's like you're getting seven whole products for the price of one!)

Who can buy it? Ships worldwide straight from Korea—for FREE! After a flood of requests to expand our shipping policy, Soko Glam has opened up the sale of the K-Beauty box to countries worldwide so everyone can discover K-beauty. Just make sure to follow our specific purchase instructions below, because you cannot combine individual Soko Glam products with this order.

What's the catch: The only catch is that there is a very, very limited supply. I want to make sure everyone who wishes to gets a chance to try out this box, so I'm kindly asking you to limit your purchase to two per person. 

The good thing about this box is that you know exactly what you're paying for. Here's the squeal-worthy product line-up and a brief review on each item!



1.  Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty Balm in 01/Light

The Dr Jart+ BB Bounce is one of the latest "cushion" style BB compacts that provides flawless coverage. It's not exactly like the sponge you may be used to, but more of a bouncy net that dispenses the formula by pressing your puff into it. The formula is made up of ingredients like grape seed oil and pomegranate extract to bring you five-in-one: coverage, brightening, moisturizing, firming and SPF 30 protection. Bonus- it's made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

BB cream coverage, for touchups on the go.

What I like about the BB bounce is that the formula offers a little more coverage than the IOPE, but with the same glow-y effect - and I know a lot of people (including me) have wanted that option. The formula is good for light beige to light medium tones (equivalent to the N21-N23 IOPE). You probably recognize the brand Dr. Jart+ because they gained so much credibility through their BB creams. As I mentioned earlier, you can buy this same product at Birchbox and Sephora for $48. 


2. Clio: Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini (5 gel liners) 


You fell in love with the Clio Waterproof pen liners, now check out their Gelpresso pencil gel liners. With five pretty shades of purple (perrrrfect for fall) they glide on, are creamy enough for blending—and then they stay put for all-day wear. Incredibly convenient, too, because don't have to sharpen them since they are retractable! I did some internet sleuthing and I found out this set goes for over $22 USD in Korea.



I love that the set includes both matte and shimmery micro glitter shades. Here are some close up shots of the pretty violet, magenta and orchid shades. So NYFW '14! 



3.  Faith in Face: Miss Invisible Pore Hydrogel Mask


I already heard about the brand Faith in Face because my friend in Seoul swears by these masks, so I was pretty excited when this mask popped out of the box. This hydrogel sheet mask is a win for those that have enlarged pores or congestion. How so? It's all in the ingredients. With a complex blend of a) salicylic acid for exfoliation, controlling sebum, and it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties b) peppermint extracts for purifying your pores and c) chestnut extract for tightening your pores.



4. Ellegirl: I say Tint, you say Gloss (03 Rock Berry)


So the cool thing about this tint is that I can make a killer gradient lip with it—without the need for foundation and other lip colors because it layers beautifully. It's really a marriage between a tint and a gloss: my favorite type of lippie. I need all my lip products to be moisturizing because my lips tend to dry and flake easily. I'm also a low maintenance lip person so I can't bother to put a coat of tint AND a coat of gloss on top of that, so this is perfect.



5. Mediheal: N.M.F Aquaring Nude Gel Mask  



Mediheal packaging is a little meh compared to the Faith in Face hydrogel mask, but this mask brand is really well known in Korea and has some seriously awesome skincare ingredients like licorice extract (soothing), green tea extract (brightening), and rose water extract (hydrating).


My skin is soaking it all up!

This two-part mask adheres easily to the skin and has that clear and transparent look to it that I've been currently obsessing about. 

6. Shingmulnara: Ultra Light Sun Gel SPF 30 PA++ 

I've been looking for another sunscreen and I loved using this sun gel so much. I'm definitely considering it for my next curation for Soko Glam. It's different from my holy grail Missha Sun Milk Essence because it's creamier and more moisturizing, perfect for the coming winter months.

Thumbs up for the moisturizing effects!

It doesn't have a sunscreen-y scent and it also doesn't leave a white cast. Look at how moisturized and supple my hand looks following application! I have even started using it as a day moisturizer alone and my skin still felt adequately felt hydrated and protected.



7. Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation (20.5 Medium) With One Refill



Code Glokolor is a new beauty brand created by LG H&H (makers of my beloved SU:M37!) and they're off to a good start by filling the void with a good foundation in a compact! You press the button at the bottom to pump out the foundation—and, of course, it dispenses in a cute little star pattern. Next, use the included puff to lightly pat the formula where needed. We've been wanting a foundation in a compact forever because it's hygienic and more user-friendly for on-the-go touchups. 


Half of my hand has been CODED! Can you see the difference?


The foundation is SPF 30 PA++, evens skin tone and texture, and brightens the skin. It's similar to BB cream but definitely boasts more coverage. The color is for light to medium beige skin tones. For those of you who want a lot more coverage than the IOPE—this is it.


I'm beyond excited to have these products available to you. There are very limited quantities in stock, so get your K-Beauty Box now


xx charlotte


UPDATE 9/27/2014 Thank you so much for your interest in the box! We only have 10% of our inventory remaining! If you don't want to miss out - order soon before it's too late!

UPDATE 10/03/2014 We were sold out in a week! Thank you so much for the overwhelming response!


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