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November 19, 2014 Charlotte Cho

"Isn't it just genetics?" my friend wondered outloud to me. "My Asian friend is in her late 20's but she looks like she is 12."

I know you've been thinking it. You're not alone if you believe that if you're a certain type of race, you're more likely to age more gracefully or skate through certain skin issues.

Well I've got one simple answer for you. The short answer to that is: YES! Yes, it is genetics.

It has been well documented that aging is partly a genetics thing. Exhibit A: Take a look at your mom/dad, and look at them closely. Together they created your genetic makeup and you will get many traits from them, such as their skin type.

Now, here's the kicker.

Your genes account for only 10-20% of aging.

A whooping 80-90% of aging is based on environmental factors. How much sun exposure you got (UVA, UVA damage, especially at an early age), if you smoked/drank a ton, and even pollution (sorry, LA and New Yorkers) contribute to the effects of aging. And did you eat lots of Big Mac's all day, every day? Crappy, unhealthy food is not going to help any either. 

While we can't control who our parents are, we can age gracefully by:

1. Preventing UV damage with generous application of sunscreen. (This is a HUGE one)

2. Hydrate your skin by using the right ingredients topically.

3. Cleanse your skin properly so that you remove excess oil and debris.

4. Exfoliate to remove surface debris so that your products can penetrate better and you can clear impacted follicles.

5. Use cell-communicating ingredients that help your skin cells renew faster, and reduce visible signs of aging.

6. And of course: eat well, drink more water (and less alcohol). And exercise. More reason to do those barre/cycling classes guys!

So there you have it. Signs of aging does have to do with genes, but most of it is in your control. It's how you take care of your skin that will help it to be the best and healthiest state it can ever be. Capiche?

xx, charlotte

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