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November 27, 2014 Charlotte Cho


Here is a list of #firstworldproblems.
My uber said it would arrive in 3 minutes, and it totally took 10.
The momofuku cereal milk I was eating dripped and stained my leather jacket.
The dry cleaner dropped off the wrong shirt again.

Here is a list of real problems.
I was put in a labor camp for a crime I did not commit, and I catch rats and bugs in my cell for food.
My friend's mother was shot to death for watching a Hollywood film.
I escaped North Korea but I am now a victim of sex trafficking.

Sadly, the real problems are true accounts told by North Korean refugees.

The background

North Korea and South Korea have been divided for over 60 years and is technically still in a state of war. While South Korea became a prosperous democracy, the same cannot be said about North Korea. Under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, there are unimaginable human rights violations that are happening in North Korea today. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans die from starvation each year, and many are put into labor camps and are subject to extremely harsh punishments such as torture, beatings, forced abortions and death. As a result, many North Koreans risk their lives (and their family's lives) to flee. While some do make it past the border in China, they are still not safe because they can be sent back or are exploited due to their illegal status.

Our passion
Since the beginning, Soko Glam has been contributing to LINK (Liberty in North Korea) because we believe in their mission to rescue refugees that are hiding in China. They help North Korean defectors gain their freedom without cost or condition and even support their resettlement costs. Here are two messages from refugees who have been rescued by LINK.







It's good to get a little bit of perspective sometimes.

This Thanksgiving, I will be enjoying a good meal and company with some of my closest friends and family. But I know that many people out there, don't have the luxury to do so. I try to keep myself in check (stop whining about #firstworldproblems for starters), and live life with a thankful heart.

xx. charlotte


We're excited to be exploring ways to further support North Korean refugees. Stay tuned.
For more information on the North Korean Refugee crisis, visit LINK.
For more information on how your purchases and our partner have helped us make it possible, visit Swipe for Humanity.



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