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Korean Beauty Spotlight On CBS

January 08, 2015 Charlotte Cho


Attention please: Someone just made their big two second TV debut on CBS to talk about Korean beauty! No– seriously I'm literally on screen for no more than two seconds and they cut off my sentence mid-way, but here it is:


(Read from the original source here)

I'm thrilled that more Americans are becoming exposed to Korean beauty products, and that their innovative ingredients (like snail mucin) are becoming more mainstream. 

As Dr. Jaliman says in her interview, "Escargot-infused cream has naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, which encourages cell turnover and is a potent anti-aging complex. It’s also moisturizing and feels smooth on the skin."

I couldn't agree more. I've blogged about why I love snail mucin and a review of my favorite snail cream here

And honestly, this hydrogel snail sheet mask is everything! 


I wish they were able to dive deeper into what makes Korean beauty so special (it really is so much more than ingredients), but maybe another time. :) 

xx charlotte

By the way, the interview was done at AmorePacific US headquarters and during the interview, they filmed me placing a Sulhwasoo sheet mask over my face to demonstrate how it is used and what it looks like. Let's just say I looked SO ridiculous and I'm glad they didn't use that footage! 

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