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January 26, 2015 Charlotte Cho

I consider myself a devout user of oil cleansers. They’re a habit I picked up in Seoul and they will forever reign in my skincare routine, and I hope yours too.

Not a morning or night goes by without me slipping and sliding my oil-doused fingers and palms between my temples, my cheeks and the crevices of my nose - where it's needed the most.

Then I use a bit of lukewarm water to emulsify the oil, a fancy word that means it’s transformed from a clear substance into a milky one. Emulsion effectively removes oil-based debris such as foundation, sunscreen, excess sebum, and soot.

Easy-peasy, mess-free packagin.

Easy-peasy, mess-free packaging. Bonus: It snaps shut so the towelettes don't dry out.

As you can imagine, carrying a bottle of oil with you on-the-go is not always practical, so I pack my Skinfood Brown Rice Cleansing Tissues when I leave town or when I hit the gym. No messy liquids or bottles. Just oil cleaning goodness in a tissue pack.

Nice thick, soft issues.

The brown rice cleansing tissues are my absolute favorite because they are soaked in anti-oxidant rich brown rice extracts, which remove my stubborn makeup and oil-based debris like a charm. After using them, my skin feels soft and smooth, even dewy.

Plus, these aren’t those "purifying" or astringent type wipes that have alcohol or witch hazel, which can be very drying. This makes them a great option for all skin types - oily, normal, dry, you name it! Even sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Time to throw the towel in on my waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow (pictured top to bottom)...

The towelettes are made out of microfiber material (think a soft, cotton texture). There are 40 in each $10 pack and compared to most wipes I've bought at local drug stores, they’re fairly thick, so they feel more luxurious to the touch.

The packaging includes a sturdy snap-top enclosure so that the wipes stay moist. Biggest pet peeve of mine is when you buy a pack of wipes and they dry out before you're even close to finishing them.

Transfer complete.

Even when I'm in the comfort of my own bathroom, I find myself reaching for these, especially when I retire my smokey eye look for the night. The towelette is excellent for detail work, easily removing the triple threat of waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow after a successful girl's night out. 

What's your favorite oil cleansing tissue? Comment below.

xx charlotte

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