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What do you do to relax?

February 01, 2015 Charlotte Cho


Some days you just gotta chill out.

The way I relax is a pack of finger masks, cuddling on the couch with Rambo, the fluffy, hazelnut-colored poodle who stole Dave’s and my heart when we were living in Seoul. The experience would not be complete without an old sugar cookie scented candle flickering from our coffee table. We got it as a gift last Christmas, and it’s seriously the best trick -- it makes our whole apartment smell just like Christmas. Mmm...Christmas.

Another thing I love to do is scour the net for yummy recipes. I love anything Jamie Oliver and Robert Rodriguez's Puerco Pibil. One of our team members shared with me Cooking with the New York Times– and it's a gold mine. You save money, learn something new and you get rewarded with leftovers for days.

What do you do to relax? 

I want to hear your thoughts! Share the love below.

xx charlotte

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