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SKIN TIP: Five Ways to Make Your Skincare Products More Effective

February 05, 2015 Charlotte Cho

I shared some of my skincare secrets with Lucky Magazine. (Image courtesy: Lucky Magazine)

When we're taking care of our skin we often just go through the motions. I was once guilty of robotically cleansing and moisturizing, all the while skipping quick and easy steps that could have really given my skin a boost. I've since learned better. Don't short-change yourself!

I sat down to chat with Sarah Ferguson at Lucky Magazine about how to get the most out of your skincare routine. We've talked about double-cleansing here on The K-Beauty Log, but some tips might be new -- and really useful. For example, how long do you wait in between products when you're applying them? Do you know what the best order is to apply products with SPF? 

See the helpful tips we talked about.

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