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February 11, 2015 Charlotte Cho
At Olive Young, a popular Korean beauty store, scouting new goodies for you guys.



I'm back in Seoul! And you know if I could pack you guys in my suitcase, I would. 

So here's the next best thing: I'm going to be posting updates of my journey on my personal Instagram. If you wish you were here with me too, follow @CharlottejCho.

Through my photos, we'll run wild exploring all the cosmetic shops, poring over new products and people-watching at the most adorable cafes.

We can also trend-spot together!

I'm just as excited about the food, which I'm also eager to share with you. I'll be eating my way through Seoul, devouring the spiciest of rice cakes and the most succulent slabs of Korean beef seared over hot coals. Keep an eye out for some Seoul food posts.

Mmmm...Seoul/Soul food.

But no vacation is complete without a little souvenir to remember it by, so I want to give you guys the chance to take one home...


After growing up in California, I spent my early 20s in Seoul. Even after I traded one concrete jungle for another (Seoul for New York) - I miraculously and thankfully ended up having both worlds thanks to Soko Glam.

Journeying back to Seoul to check out the K-beauty scene and curate the latest goodies on a regular basis is the coolest job perk of all time, and you guys make it worthwhile.

Dream job -- learning about trends with renowned makeup artist Kim Chung Kyung.

What really makes it is hearing from all you K-beauty enthusiasts Stateside. Over the years, I've received a ton of amazing product suggestions from you that have quickly become my staples, so I take what you have to say very seriously!

Now I’m looking to you for your suggestions in the comments below:

What products/brands should I look out for?

What types of products would you like me to curate next?  

Are there any K-beauty products you are dying to see on Soko Glam?

I'm a firm believer that discovering new beauty products is like a treasure hunt, and we need to do it together.

I'll be actively seeking out 5 new great goodies you guys mention in the comments. The people who suggested them will be the lucky winners of the K-beauty product that I find and pick up for them, so comment away! Deadline is Feb 28th!

xx charlotte

P.S. To be in the know about other special Seoul giveaways during my time here, follow @sokoglam on Instagram!

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