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THE REVIEW: Sally's Box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask

February 19, 2015 Alexandra Deseda
Editor’s note: Meet Sara, one of the fabulous beauty buffs in our office. Every so often they’ll weigh in on products they’re currently playing with.  - xx charlotte


Hi there!

I'm Sara. Dim-sum is my comfort food. I prefer hot tea to coffee and iced coffee to hot tea, and sheet masks that don't fall off my face. That just about covers it.


Mah face, post-shower and pre-mask. It is hungry for hydrogel.

I was a little hesitant about making my K-Beauty Log debut with a face mask. Seriously. It's scary stuff. Very Jason from "Friday the 13th" (which I've never seen, because the sheet mask aesthetic is enough to give me nightmares on its own without the whole horror thing).

Nobody wants to look like this, least of all me. [Image courtesy: IMDB]

But I've been masking the last seven years and I thought it was time to finally go public with my experience. No shame, friends.

Plus, I feel compelled to weigh in because I'm particularly jazzed about the Sally's Box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask. That's a mouthful. Say it ten times fast. I dare you.

Sally's Box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask, a hydrating jewel of the sea.

It's also a brainful. Panthenol? Come again? Hydrogel? I'd never heard of any of the above before, so let's break 'em down, old-school dictionary style.

Sally's Box: A boutique beauty brand from Korea. It is tiny, but powerful. They produce high quality masks at relatively low cost.

Delight: What I felt when I felt my skin the morning after using the mask the night before -- very jubilant and a little dewy.

Panthenol: A fancy-schmancy name for Vitamin B5, which is a humectant that gently delivers moisture and plumps up the skin by binding water molecules to skin cells.

Hydrogel: This. This was an element of surprise that made me appear less Jason-like and more jelly fish-like as I masked. More on that in a minute.

And all these things come together in a juicy package that contains two sheets, one for the upper half of your face and one for the lower half. I say juicy because it is just that. I would advise very, very gently opening the packet and removing the mask over a sink or other wipeable surface, lest you get splashed by botanical essences and other hydrating ingredients.

I failed to do this my first time using this mask. Let's just say I ended up with very moisturized hands and elbows. Not necessarily a bad thing. 

And of course, my face felt moisturized too as soon as I smoothed it over my face. I suspect it has something to do with the mask's consistency. You see, the hydrogel mask is not like the cotton sheet masks I'd previously used. It's thicker and a bit jelly-like. As promised, the look is not akin to that of Jason.

It is akin to a jelly fish, which was surprisingly pleasant.

As you can see my mask smoothing game was a little off. Part of it was my bad, part of it was the fact that the mask was a little too large around my nose. I didn't mind the excess however because it covered all the skin it needed to and could be positioned so it didn't cover my nostrils. 


Here's a close-up. You can see where the top and bottom sheets meet.

I left it on for the duration of two episodes of "The Office," plus some house-cleaning. That's longer than the recommended time because I was waiting for the mask to dry completely. It never did entirely, but when I peeled the sheets off, I patted my face vigorously which seemed to do the trick in helping my skin absorb the excess.

Pro tip: I discovered this mask is not great for housecleaning because it slips around with excessive physical motion. It's perfect for "Office" watching mode, so use your mask session for lounging and relaxing.

Usually when I wake up, my sensitive, acne-prone skin is grossly greasy in my T-zone. However, my face got THE TREATMENT with Sally's Box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask. It wasn't oily at all, but felt pleasingly balmy and smooth. The lighting is obviously different compared to my night shots but you'll have to take my word that some red irritated places were definitely less so. Observe:

I literally woke up like this -- I'm still in bed.

Sally's Box products are new to Soko Glam. If you're looking for a little kick of indulgence for your face, I recommend the Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Masks. Happy masking!



P.S. I'd love to hear from you about the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny of masking. Share your experiences in the comments below, or hashtag some sweet Instagram #maskselfies directed toward @sokoglam. ^_^

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