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SKIN TIP: Don't have the answers? Find them

March 03, 2015 Charlotte Cho

Wow. That's all I can say. Actually what I'm feeling is more like humbled silence, but that's not as interesting to read. So. Wow.

For our 48-hour Facebook giveaway, we asked you to share the best skincare advice you've received or given. Nearly 300 of you responded, and your tips are great. I'll be sharing some of them here on The K-Beauty Log. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me. Thank you for being part of the Soko Glam K-beauty journey and making it what it is -- an awesome way for us all to feel and look our best. 

Read on for the first tip, submitted by Alana B. I love that she's committed to continuously learning about how to better take care of her skin and dispel misconceptions, and how she adventurously explores new products. Thanks for your submission, Alana!



P.S. Have something else you want to share? I want to hear. Comment below, or email

The best skincare advice I have received was to use sunblock. Growing up, my family never focused much on sun protection because as Black people, we didn't think we needed it. I also had the misconception that it would make me darker if I used it and then got into the sunlight, but when I started to focus more on my complexion, I found it difficult to achieve an even, glowing skintone. I soon learned the benefits of sun protection from online websites and tv shows, and my skin thanks me! I now use Korean sunblock so I can avoid oily skin and a white cast look. This paired with a Korean skincare regimen has helped me significantly in my desire for even and glowing skin! And btw... I learned that sunblock doesn't make you darker! ;) - Alana B.



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