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TRAVEL DIARY: Back to Seoul Giveaway Winners

March 10, 2015 Charlotte Cho


 A mall in Seoul's Dongdaemun District.

Before I left for my latest month-long stint in Seoul, I invited you guys to suggest some things I should consider curating for Soko Glam. I really appreciate all the responses I got. I picked five lucky winners to win a souvenir from my K-beauty journey based on their suggestions. Read on to find out what they were.

MOONSHOT Color Moonwalk Jelly Pot

Rhiannon - MOONSHOT Color Moonwalk Jelly Pot

"Would love to be able to try anything from Moonshot, especially the jelly pot eyeshadows!"

You're a lady after my own heart. <3 MOONSHOT, a brand that just launched a few months ago. Super cool concept: bright makeup like MAC, but formulated with skincare in mind -- almost every one of their products has essence. Read about my trip to the new Moonshot store in Seoul's Samcheongdong District here.


SKINFOOD Coffee Body Scrub

Alexa - SKINFOOD Coffee Body Scrub

"More from Skin Food please!"

I hear ya' Alexa! It's one of my favorite brands for the foodie themes alone, but they also have a great selection of body products, which a lot of you guys have been requesting. I'm going to work on curating them more and more, including shampoos and conditioners, body treatments, etc. SKINFOOD has a good selection. The smell of their Coffee Body Scrub is so amazing, especially when you're waking up in the morning.

Susannah - INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tools Body Natural Konjac Sponge

"Please give us the 'dirt' on Korean scrubbing towels! I'd love to learn about how to use them and be able to buy them from SoKo Glam!"

Spot on, Susannah. Koreans take exfoliation seriously, as we all should. Seriously. Have you seen Conan and Steve Yeun getting a scrub-down at the Korean bath house? It's pretty hilarious. Here's a kinder gentler version to try at home. I picked out the INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tools Body Natural Konjac Sponge for you to try. It's not your average loofah. This one helps remove dead skin cells and encourages skin renewal.

Krissy - CODE9 Camel Milk White Volume Cream

"I heard Camel Milk products from korea are amazing for skin texture ;)"

Mmhmmm...That's right, Krissy. Camel milk is great for skin. Here's the low-down on a few of the benefits. Alpha-hydroxy acids smooth the skin. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant that defends against skin cell damage. One of camel milk's other key benefits is that it contains the protein lactoferrin, which has antibacterial properties. Fun fact: Lactoferrin is a component of breast milk that helps babies ward off infection when it's ingested; on the skin, lactoferrin creates an extra protective line of defense against gross stuff.


Garland - TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Angel Foot Gel

"Is there some miracle product for hands? Mine need plumping up and help with age spots starting to show up! And more choices for full feet exfoliation! And ditto to the request for more serums! Love Time Revolution Night Repair but would love others that help with sun damage, anti aging, fine lines, etc! Thank you, Charlotte!"


The weather is (slowly) warming up so we wanted to get your toes into tip-top shape, Garland. I found the TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Angel Foot Gel for you. Urea will help your feet slough of dead skin as well as moisturize. Aloe and papaya extracts will also work to keep them soft. Thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks to every single one of you who participated. You'll start to see the fruits of your labor soon as newly curated items make their way to Soko Glam!




P.S. I always love to hear from you! What else are you lusting after? Have questions or want to share a cool skincare story? Feel free to let me know at or comment below.

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