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March 30, 2015 Charlotte Cho


Guys, you have no idea how much I love each and everyone of you. To those who made it out to Herald Square last week or offered words of encouragement leading up to the #UOxSOKOGLAM event, thank you. You came from all different boroughs across NYC, and even came from different states (!). I know it wasn't easy, so I'm really touched that you put in the time and effort for my first public event.


Seeing how interested so many of you are in skincare has really encouraged me to write more and share more as we navigate our beauty journeys together in the name of respecting our skin.


Here's a look back at the night, with photos taken by the amazingly sweet and incredibly talented Driely Vieira.
Setting up for the festivities.
While planning, it was really hard to imagine how different elements would come together, so it was really beautiful to see when they did. 
So worth it.

Last week was all chaos. Moving, on top of startup and student life at large, kept me on my toes, but what kept me awake at night were the butterflies in anticipation of this night. When I got there and saw you guys, it started to sink in that we were going to have a good time.


Lining up getting ready to go. Good thing I planned to get their early or you guys would've beaten me there! 

Candy bar. A bar of candy, not to be confused with a Snickers.

Looking at these colorful treats was almost as sweet as eating them.

Bit of bubbly. And I really hoped you'd learn something new, so I brought postcards for you to take notes on!

Urban Outfitters beauty manager Kat, lovely lady in lavender hair, kicked things off with a warm welcome.

Play time! 


The event was called UO Beauty: Korean Brands We Love. It was great to introduce you guys to brands such as KOCOSTAR, TONYMOLY, SKINFOOD, and GOODAL.


As I've mentioned in previous posts, in Seoul, there really isn't such a thing as brand loyalty. All are constantly evolving to deliver the best products in order to stay competitive with each other, and each has a different philosophy, which makes exploring really fun. 



For example, TONYMOLY just makes skincare playful, combining fanciful packaging with delightful formulas. Check out the fruit-shaped hand creams above. See what I mean? 


KOCOSTAR makes masks that treat different things for the body. Have you seen Sara's review of the foot peel? Does just that -- makes your feet peel nasty dead skin. In Korea, hair essence treatments are as mandatory as face treatments, so they also have moisturizing masks for hair. 



GOODAL focuses on using wholesome fermented ingredients that help with skin renewal and brightening without added fragrance. It's the skincare brand made by CLIO, which carries makeup.


SKINFOOD, as you might expect from the name, has food-inspired ingredients that instead of feeding your tummy, treat your skin. They use honey to ensure that the skin's moisture stays locked in, while sugar and coffee grounds are used as effective exfoliants.


Mmm...You can smell and feel the coffee.

 You guys were awesome. Thanks for being enthusiastic volunteers and playing with K-beauty goodies with me as  I taught the ways of cleansing, treating, and moisturizing. 


Spreading knowledge of the double cleanse method.


This was the TONYMOLY Floria Brightening Cleansing Oil, which you guys loved -- all the ones featured at the event sold out. Don't worry, we'll get more soon, just sign up for notifications and we'll let you know when we get them.


She was such a champ. A giveaway bag for getting up in front of everyone and letting me talk oil cleansing technique!


Playing with the products is fun of course, but some of my favorite moments were when I got to hang out with you one-on-one.


So great to finally put real faces to profile pics and Instagram handles. :)
You guys came armed with your beauty questions, and I came armed with answers. Thank you for sharing your skin stories.


As I said at the event, there is no such thing as perfect skin. The goal should be to get your skin a little brighter, a little softer, a little smoother, and feel the best you can! 



Now that it's over, I feel so thankful for the positive and warm reception I received. It was my first public event and it was such a good experience I can't wait to do another one. 


If you couldn't be there in person but still want a chance to play with some of the goods, I don't want you to miss out. Check out our special #UOxSOKOGLAM collection here, featuring:


KOCOSTAR Nail Therapy 


And many more! Just for you lovely followers, enjoy a 10% discount on the items from this collection. Enter promo code #UOxSOKOGLAM at checkout.




P.S. Special shoutout to Urban Outfitters for having us, and extra love to Tiffany and the rest of these ladies for all their creativity and hard work who made the event possible! 



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