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Compact cushion lineup: Lancome and Iope

May 06, 2015 Charlotte Cho
Nearly identical packaging. Love how they're both really elegant and functional.


Hey! Last week I wrote about the launch of the new Miracle Cushion, Lancome's version of the Korean cushion compact. I'm so excited that Lancome has decided to come out with a cushion because it brings so many more color options for various skin tones. That means more people will be able to try the wonders of the cushion compact!

Since I've tested it, here's my side-by-side comparison of the Miracle Cushion and IOPE Air Cushion.

The porous design of the Lancome sponge definitely allows me to pick up more product on the puff applicator. It's not my personal preference because I enjoy how the Korean cushion compacts give more of a sheer, even layer of coverage, rather than a thick paste.

It's a bit harder to apply because you have to dab more strategically and blend more to avoid obvious mistakes. With the IOPE application's more of a pat, pat, pat motion, resulting in sheer coverage that makes it look like the foundation's airbrushed on.

On the flip-side, having a thicker formula with more product pick-up on application can be a good thing -- especially if you like more coverage.

It's cooling and moisturizing, from what I can tell. And I can get more of a dewy look with this formula than other Lancome foundations I've tested.


So many pores! This product Lancome feature results in more product pick-up for heavier coverage on initial application.


The packaging is nearly identical to the Korean cushion compacts, but I think it is nice that the Lancome version has a reflective mirror case. Pretty handy!

One thing is blatantly missing: I can't get over why they decided not to add sunscreen to their U.S. formula. The European version has SPF 23. For comparison, the Iope Air Cushion has 50/PA++.

Protecting yourself from UVA/UVB damage is one of the best ways to prevent premature aging, and there isn't a Korean cushion compact around that doesn't contain some sort of sun protection.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit of the cushion is that it is a great way to reapply sun screen over your makeup throughout the day without actually messing up your makeup. This multitasking feature is one of the greatest tenets of the Korean cushion compact, so it puzzles me why Lancome's doesn't have it.

So it's all about personal preference: Do you want sheer or heavier coverage? If you opt for Lancome's cushion, I definitely recommend slathering on some SPF!

Have you tried the Lancome cushion? Share your thoughts below.



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