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THE REVIEW: Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask

May 25, 2015 Sara Hayden

Word to the wise, when you do your nails (or get them done), make sure you do the following...

1) Make sure your tools are sanitized. Blood and bacteria don't play nicely together.

2) Don't cut or push back your cuticles -- they're there to protect bacteria from entering your nail bed. (I know, I know. It looks really pretty and makes your fingers look long and elegant, but it's something to consider for your overall health.)

3) Do condition your cuticles and surrounding nail area! A drop of oil will do the trick, or a fabulous nail mask. This is a story about the latter.

Somehow I've become the unofficial official hand and foot model for Soko Glam. I suspect it has to do with situations like the following.

I recently made a boo-boo. That boo-boo was using gel polish on my fingernails.

I will skip the ugliest of the details, but let's just say it was rrrrough: My nails were parched, patchy, and stripped and sorely in need of some TLC (the tender loving care variety -- not The Learning Channel and not the girl band, though it turns out that "Waterfalls" is not half bad for treating nail distress).

Charlotte told me that, "Brittle nails are more likely to peel, split or crack because they lack moisture. Unfortunately we have to use high concentrations of acetone to remove gel nail polish, which is extremely drying to nails - furthering compounding the symptoms of brittle nails."

One of the great perks of working at Soko Glam is that there is always some remedy around the office for whatever cosmetic malady I may be suffering from, and this time was no different. There it was, a shining beacon of hope to bring light to my dull and lifeless nails: Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Masks.

I'm a face sheet mask fanatic, but the appeal of masking other body parts is quickly becoming apparent to me. I only had 15 minutes, and these little masks made the most of them in revitalizing the appearance of my nails Thank you and your brightening proteins, goat's milk! Thank you for making my less than luscious cuticles acceptable, shea butter! 

Usually I'm not the type to sit and not do anything at all, but having my hands covered in slippery little finger covers makes it hard to do anything but relax and let the formula they're saturated in work its magic. 

While the ingredients themselves are rich, the consistency is not buttery at all. It almost feels like a watery essence. It looks like milk and has the faintest smell of cherry blossoms. Goat's milk is rich in fatty acids and lactic acid, which can nourish and hydrate nails and skin. 


During the next quarter of an hour, I concentrated on patting this "milk" into my nails. By the time I removed them, my fingers had absorbed it, leaving them much brighter and softer than before. Whew! Given that I thought I would have witch-like fingers for the rest of my days, this is a revelation: My mottled nails are nearly normal once more!

Do your digits need some help? Check out these babies here.

Until next time,


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