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May 26, 2015 Charlotte Cho
Less Friday the 13th, right?

For those of you who haven't given in to the Korean sheet masking culture, here is a piece I wrote for The Manrepeller about my sheet masking routine so you can get up to speed on why it's so fun and amazing for your skin.

Korea has been coming out with some really fancy (and creative!) sheet masks - making skin care all the more fun and far from drudgery (not like cleaning the kitchen). One of the reasons why I think Korea is on top of the beauty game these days!

I'm eyeing these ones next!

My current favorite: Banila Co It Radiant Sheet Masks made clear + with a delicate white lace pattern. They are infused with skin happy ingredients like aloe (calm and soothe) and sodium hyaluronate (helps bind moisture to the skin and help retain it). Also, lacey sheet masks, just for the eyes


Just a lovely evening. #steikco

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On a side note: I had a lot of fun this Memorial weekend, doing absolutely nothing but sheet masking and watching K-dramas (Master's Sun!). I only peeled myself away from the couch after my friends bribed me with some BBQ. They seriously know how to grill meat!

As we know well, Memorial Day is not just about BBQ and sheet masking, so we Dave took the time this weekend to share with me some of his favorite memories of his brothers and sisters that gave the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. It was a good way to end the weekend.

It's a crazy Tuesday back in the office, but just feeling thankful and hopeful. Hope you guys feel the same and have an awesome week! 

xx Charlotte

P.S. Should I curate the animal sheet masks? If you have any suggestions for other "fun" sheet masks, please comment below!

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