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June 05, 2015 Charlotte Cho

Hey guys. I'm back in Seoul and so excited to share more about what I see, do, and find in my home away from home, Korea!

This time, I'm not flying solo. I'm insanely excited to have some great company with me. Can't tell you who just yet, but stay with me. I'll tell you soon. :)

In the mean time, I want to make a point to see Korea with a fresh eye and new perspective. I lived here for quite a while and many places are now familiar to me, but I really appreciate that it's a place that's ever changing. Old concepts get new life and big ideas begin here.

Now I'm inspired to explore how people exercise creativity -- the design of the interior and exterior of restaurants, the way they package pastries, and even the rogue street graffiti. I feel like it's a breath of fresh air.

They've got such a unique take on traditional beauty items here and you guys have been telling me how it's has changed your perspective on beauty. That's awesome.
Through my exploration of Korean cosmetics, I feel creativity and risk-taking is present everywhere, which churns out as many duds as hits. Duds are fine in my book as long as there are a few diamonds in the rough. Those lovely gems are of course what I aim to bring home for you guys.

Find out what I'm up to by following me on @charlottejcho and @sokoglam. See you there!

xx charlotte

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