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TRAVEL DIARY: Clothes Encounters and SoothingSista in Seoul

June 25, 2015 Charlotte Cho

The biggest perks of this job: testing beauty products every day, traveling to Korea, and getting to share it with others.

I just got back from Seoul where I got to share a little bit of my world with YouTube vloggers Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and Stephanie Villa from SoothingSista. I was lucky enough to meet Jenn through a friend. She told me she's now really getting into skin care! She’s a super sweetheart, as is Stephanie. I couldn’t have been more excited to share this place that means so much to me with them.

We only had five days together in Seoul and made the most of them. You can watch Jenn's video of the trip here:


 We got to hit up my favorite cultural and beauty spots --  wandered through Gyungbokgung Palace, got our nails done in Hongdae, and shopped at Korean beauty shops in Myeongdong and Gaorsugil. We especially loved the 3CE Cinema concept store from Korean makeup brand 3concepteyes, a.k.a. 3CE.

All-in-one beauty salon, market, and movie theater. Just opened a few weeks ago. 

Feels brand new but retro.

Always a travel highlight: We grubbed on good food. SO MUCH FOOD! Street food, Korean BBQ, Japanese bento boxes, the works.

Bento. Amazing.

Fresh eats found in Garosugil, a great neighborhood to explore if you're feeling hungry.

We even made a little skin care video together to showcase something special I've been working on (more on that sooon). My first video, actually. EEEP! I was really nervous, but Jenn and Stephanie made the experience great. Stay tuned...

I also unexpectedly had the chance to meet Simon and Martina from the blog Eat Your Kimchi. As Canadian expats who’ve made Korea their home since 2008, they have a really cool perspective and they really know their stuff.

Not a duck face. This is the "small face."

That brings me to another perk of this job: getting to know awesome people along this journey and gaining a bigger and broader view on everything. I love that through this work I get to meet so many talented people who have a passion -- be it fashion, makeup, sharing the expat experience, or something else -- and help others enjoy the same. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the fortune of having amazing people along the way. Seeing the support really inspires me. It’s all about leaning on each other.

xx charlotte

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