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July 02, 2015 THE KLOG

So this might be something we have to do again..

To celebrate the launch of THE KLOG, we made a quiz last week to test your K-beauty and skin care knowledge. Nearly 150 of you guys took it, and a handful of you got perfect scores.

If you haven't taken it yet, it's pretty fun. Take it here, but then stop reading because...SPOILER ALERT: We're going to list the answers below. (No peeking if you're still taking the quiz ;)

Are you sure you want to see the answers?



See them after this photo of the beautiful palace we visited in Seoul:

Geyongbokgung, a royal palace in Seoul.

Without any further ado, get ready to tally up your points:

Q: What's your name?

A: Hopefully you got this one right.

Q: What’s considered the beauty district of Seoul?

- Samcheongdon
- Myeongdong
- Garosugil

A: Myeongdong. See more here.

Q: All the single ladies! Put your hands up -- if you were in Korea, what food would you eat to celebrate your singledom?

- A pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a solid standby.
- Noodles with black bean sauce, sweet and salty.
- KFC. Not that kind -- the Korean fried chicken kind!

A: Noodles with black bean sauce, sweet and salty. Also known as jajangmyeon.

Q: What can a cushion compact be used for? Check all that apply.

- A comfortable seating experience

- Sheer foundation coverage that leaves a dewy glow

- SPF that can be reapplied throughout the day

- Makeup touch-ups on the go, thanks to a built-in mirror

A: A cushion compact is great for sheer foundation coverage that leaves a dewy glow, SPF that can be reapplied throughout the day, makeup touch-ups on the go, thanks to a built-in mirror. Here's some more info.

Q: What does toner do?

- Delivers nutrients

- Softens skin

- Resets pH balance

- Hydrates skinAll the above

A: All the above. There are a lot of misconceptions about toner, like it's supposed to leave your skin with a tight, squeaky clean feel. Instead, it should make your skin feel nourished. Read about it here.

Q: What Seoul neighborhood is often used as a filming location for Korean dramas?

- Samcheongdong

- Myeongdong

- Garosugil

A: Samcheongdong. This neighborhood is really pleasant to take a walk, and there are so many interesting things to see. Charlotte describes it in greater detail here.

Q: What does oil cleanser clean away? Check all that apply.

- Oil

- Pollutants


- Makeup

- Dirt

- Sweat

A: This one's a bit tricky. Kind of counterintuitive, but oil cleanser actually cleans away oil, pollutants, SPF, and makeup -- oil oil-based debris. Water-based cleansers take away dirt and sweat. Charlotte talks about it in this tutorial on double cleansing.

Q: What is the natural pH level of your face?

- 7 - Perfectly balanced!

- 5.5 - Acidic, somewhere  between black coffee and saliva

- 8 - Alkaline, like mild dish soap

A: 5.5 - Acidic, somewhere  between black coffee and saliva. Sounds gross, but it's true. This is why toner is important. After washing your face with a cleanser (which is typically a little alkaline), toner helps restore your pH balance to your skin's naturally slightly acidic state. More on that here.

Q: Who does Charlotte consider to be her spirit animal?

- Rambo, a miniature poodle

- Cheon Song Yi, the actress and model

- Hippo, a favorite at the Seoul zoo

A: Cheon Song Yi. Charlotte does have a soft spot for Rambo, her pet poodle, and a hippo is one of the animals she and Dave saw on one of their first dates to the Seoul zoo. But Cheon Song Yi gets the spirit animal title. Read more about Cheon Song Yi here.

Q: What lipstick did said spirit animal inadvertently launch to fame?

- What? Rambo doesn’t wear lipstick!

- Iope Waterfit Lipstick #44

- Clio Lipnicure: Heartbreaker

A: Iope Waterfit Lipstick #44. Perfectly pink. When Charlotte's channeling Cheon Song Yi, she wears this.

Hope you had fun!

Did you guys like the quiz? Do you want more? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: Big congrats to our 10 winners for THE KLOG Quiz! They've got some super sweet sleuthing skills and earned a perfect score.

- Melissa S.

- Miles G. 

- Thea A.

- Julia D.

- Esther K.

- Liz U.

- Jenny H.

- Jes H.

- Mandy L.

- Jessica O.

Many thanks to the winners for getting back to us with your shipping addresses. You'll receive your prizes shortly! :D

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