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Behind the scenes of the Book & Special PREORDER GIFT

July 29, 2015 Charlotte Cho

The making of The Little Book of Skincare was such an amazing journey for me and, as promised, I thought it would be fun to tell you about the details of how this book came to be. (And read until the end for the special preorder announcement!)

So after I got the deal with my dream publisher, and before I even had the chance to celebrate, I started the hustle. I had to find someone to help guide me as I wrote, specifically an experienced writer. I grabbed a bunch of my favorite books to do some research.

Then I found Kate! Kate is a super experienced, prolific writer and editor with a New York Times best seller under her belt. I found that all online when I found her website.

I was over the moon when she emailed me back and said, “I checked out Soko Glam, and I’d love to do this project!"

I had never written a book but I had a lot of content swimming around my head, ready to be written down. We ended up going to Korea together so she could experience what I wanted to express, which was so much fun!

A few weeks later, we fly to Seoul so together we can soak the Korea vibes!

Even though we had never met each other in person before the trip, we got along real well. :)

Doing major research at the AmorePacific R&D Center in Seoul, Korea

The next hurdle was the images that would be part of the book. Photography was going to be expensive and they had to be really high quality for it to look good. I honestly really wanted to avoid awkward photos of myself posing with a tub of face cream. In order for this book to be timeless and fun, it was decided: illustrations. Illustrations all the way.

Only the wittiest, most amazing illustrator/cartoonist of all time would do.

Pug hug.

Enter Gemma Correll! Not only is she the momma to the two cutest pugs, but she is also the talented illustrator of several dozen books which have been translated in different languages. She’s all the way in the UK, but her drawings hit close to home.

See what I mean? Totally witty, and really supportive.

Could it be possible? Would this brilliant illustrator draw sheet masks and snail creams for me, and all the way from London? Would she even be interested in the topic of Korean beauty?

She said yes! I wanted to slap myself because it was sincerely too good to be true.

So with the help of my dream team, The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin was born! Well, it’s about to be born.

It’s all done, and will be officially published in November. Now, get ready for this extra special announcement!

You can PREORDER the book at one of these three retailers (Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Books-A-Million). As a thank you for giving me a reason to write, I’ll send you a gift of my favorite sheet masks and a deluxe sample of the latest essence in my regimen.

That’s right, you get to have fun sheet masking and pampering yourself while reading my book!

The value of the sheet masks and essence (from Tony Moly, Manefit, Banila Co., and Neogen) is equal to $17, which is more than the cost of the e-book and close to the cost of the book itself , so if you do the math, it’s a pretty good deal!) If you've already preordered the book before this announcement, you can still take part. Just fill out this form here.

For more details, don’t forget to check out The Little Book of Skincare website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section!

Thank you for all the love and support! I’ve been feeling super warm and fuzzy these days thanks to all your amazing feedback and making this book possible. <3

xx charlotte

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