THE REVIEW: Sally's Box Secret Garden Ampoule Mask

August 27, 2015 Charlotte Cho

This week has been particularly rough because I haven’t gotten much sleep! Worse, I’ve been neglecting my sheet masking for the past month. If my skin could speak, it likely wouldn’t have many nice things to say to me.

So the #soko7daychallenge has come at the perfect time. My stressed and tired skin has needed something of a miracle revival.

Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Sheet Mask sets have been curated on Soko Glam for a few months, but doing the #soko7daychallenge has got me all excited about them again. It’s now time to sing their praises! Because my skin has been seriously dehydrated, I grabbed a moisturizing Olive Oil one.

The lowdown

This is what makes it special: a Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule mask is more bang for your buck because it's a two-in-one. Not only does it come with a cotton microfiber sheet mask soaked in essence, it also comes with a built in ampoule serum that you apply before the mask. Which is awesome. The sheet mask helps both the first-step serum sink and its own essence sink into your skin that much better.

I tear open the side of the packaging to get the ampoule out. It isn’t the easiest to open, so try scissors if you get stuck. They don’t skimp on the serum. It’s more than enough for your face, so I slather the excess  on my neck and my hands (places that are too often neglected -- check out how to get the rest of your skin care game up to par here). The result? Soft and smooth skin, instantly.

Now here’s the part we’ve been waiting for -- the mask! The material is not your typical, thin microfiber mask that slips off once you stand up -- I’ve literally cooked dinner with this on so it has major staying power. It goes above and beyond with very thick, luxurious cotton.

To use it, carefully take it out of the package and then remove the plastic backing. It’s there to protect the mask -- not to wear on your face. (I know, sounds super basic, but definitely worth noting.)

After layering on the ampoule, lay the sheet mask on top of clean skin and let it work its nourishing, hydrating magic. After 20-30 minutes, peel off and discard.

When I use these masks, I don’t even have to moisturize after because my skin is coated and protected, thanks to the ampoule serum.

Um, MORE OF THAT PLEASE. Given my current schedule, anything I can do to save time by accomplishing multiple steps in one is a win in my book. Can’t wait to share more of these finds with you later.

I would especially recommend the Sally’s Box Secret Garden Olive Oil Ampoule Mask for normal to dry skin types because its main ingredient of olive oil. Olive oil is an ingredient that truly nourishes the skin because it works as an excellent antioxidant thanks to Vitamin E and is a source of minerals and natural hydration. It's one of three masks in the Sally's Box Secret Garden Ampoule Mask Set. The tea tree one is good if you're prone to acne or redness, and the camellia is good if you're looking for a lightweight moisture boost.

It’s not the prettiest sheet mask, but hey -- sometimes you gotta get a little bit Friday the 13th to get pretty. ;0

xx charlotte

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