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OUR MUSE: Illustrator and cartoonist Gemma Correll

October 22, 2015 THE KLOG

Editor's note: While writing The Little Book of Skin Care, Charlotte had the pleasure of meeting and working with some extraordinary people along the way. Gemma Correll is one such character, and boy, does she draw characters! You may recognize her punny illustrative work (featuring supportive bras and anti-herbivore dinosaurs) from the internet or any of the number of books she's worked on. See below for her answers to some of life's questions.


THE KLOG: Pick one: Pugs or dinosaurs. If dinosaurs, which type? If pugs, why?

Gemma Correll: It has to be Pugs. Dinosaurs are cool and everything, but you can't keep them as pets and they don't have adorable squishy faces and also they don't exist anymore. 

THE KLOG: Tell us about Bella and Mr. Pickles.

GC: Bella and Mr Pickles are my pugs. Bella is 7 and black, and Mr Pickles is 5 and fawn. Bella likes to eat chewing gum and tissues. Mr Pickles is partial to cigarette butts.

THE KLOG: How did you discover arting is your calling?

GC: I've always drawn. It was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid - I'd fill entire notebooks with stories and comics. Plus, my teachers would often ask me to make posters and brochures for school assemblies and fêtes, which sometimes meant I got to skip P.E. classes. Anything that help me avoid doing sports is automatically my favorite activity.

THE KLOG: You're moving to California! Why? 

GC: I've visited California nearly every year since after I graduated from college in 2007. My husband and I love it there - there's so much to see. We are fed up of the English weather and want to live somewhere warmer and drier and where we can eat burritos every day.

THE KLOG: What’s your dream project?

GC: I'm not really sure. I'd love to make a graphic novel, but at the same time the idea terrifies me.

Maybe working with someone like Amy Schumer or Kristen Wiig, or Flight of the Conchords... not sure how, some capacity.

THE KLOG: What was your first thought when Charlotte asked you if you would illustrate The Little Book of Skin Care?

GC: I was slightly scared because I am not exactly knowledgeable about skincare... but it turned out to be really interesting to learn more about it and about Korean culture, too. It also made me very keen to visit Korea - and go to a jimjilbang!

THE KLOG: How did you pick subjects to illustrate for The Little Book of Skin Care? Which one was the most memorable for you to work on?

GC: I looked for the quirkiest and most fun parts of each chapter. There was lots of detail to choose from. I enjoy making illustrations with lots of details and annotations, so I especially enjoyed working on the map for Chapter 11 and the illustration for Chapter 9. It was also fun making all the little spot illustrations that are throughout the book. 

THE KLOG: Describe your beauty routine. Is there anything you picked up from LBSC?

GC: I tend to keep things simple (partly due to lack of time, partly out of sheer laziness) but I was interested to learn about the 10-step beauty routine. Although 10 steps seems like a lot, it's actually really simple and straightforward - and you don't actually use all 10 skincare products every day. I don't generally wear make-up, so I'm always keen to learn about ways to make my skin look good.

I'm also interested in nutrition, and the way it affects your mind and body, so reading the "Inside Out" chapter was fascinating for me.

THE KLOG: One year from now, where will you be and what will you be doing?

GC: Hopefully, I'll still be in California, working on illustrations and comics, eating lots of burritos!

The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets to Healthy, Glowing Skin written by Charlotte Cho and illustrated by Gemma Correll is available for pre-order. Get yours at

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