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Chuseok: Fall in Korea

September 26, 2015 Charlotte Cho

After a lifetime in sunny California, it wasn't until after college when I moved to Seoul that experienced my real change in seasons. By the time I got there, I was immersed in fall. The weather was cool and I quickly embraced sweaters and scarves. I loved how the leaves turned and crunched beneath my feet. And I loved the feeling that accompanied Chuseok -- a holiday that marks mid-autumn and traditionally celebrates harvest.

These are a few photos that capture a bit of what fall feels like... 



Fiery colors from the leaves. Takes me back to memories of my first autumn in Korea! This photo was taken at Seoraksan by the amazing Chris Campbell. [Image courtesy: Chris Campbell via Flickr]



Sompyeong, crescent-shaped rice cakes. The story goes if a woman makes beautifully shaped sompeyong, she'll also have a beautiful face. [Image courtesy: A Celebration of Women] 



Blue autumn skies and crisp air perfectly captured by miraemi1214 on Instagram. [Image courtesy: miraemi1214 via Instagram]

Seoul definitely has a part of my heart as you know. Seeing these images made me a little bit homesick for it. I'm excited to be going back this month - both to find new products for you guys as well as experience autumn there again!

If there's something you want me to look out for, tell me in the comments below. 

See you in Seoul!

xx charlotte

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