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OUR MUSE: Park Eun Kyung of Unistella

October 29, 2015 Charlotte Cho

I had a chance to meet manicurist, Park Eun Kyung, celebrity nail artist and owner of Unistella nail salon in Cheongdam during my last trip to Korea. She’s famous for her shattered glass nail art, which you may have heard about from Vogue, Refinery 29 or Instagram—where the trend pretty much blew up.

We sat down at her salon in Cheongdam where Park told me all about how she got her start in the manicure world and her favorite K-pop clients. Take a look!

Also, if you're ever in Seoul, Unistella Salon is a must-visit beauty spot, even if you're not a nail person. It's pretty much like looking at art on teeny fingernail-sized canvases. 

xx charlotte 

Unistella Salon
Gangnam-gu Seonleong-ro 146-45 Cheongdam-dong

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