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Hanging Out On Korea's Top Beauty Show, Get It Beauty

November 03, 2015 Charlotte Cho

Korean entertainment is addicting. You know how I feel about my Korean dramas. You can easily catch me losing sleep for days to finish a series, with only piles of leftover Shin ramen cups and icky used tissue next to my bedside. I even don't mind watching Korean commercials because they are so silly and entertaining. As I've blogged about before, one of my favorite shows I discovered while living in Korea is Get it Beauty.

It was a ritual, really. Every week I’d flop on the couch after dinner to watch this beauty show for the latest makeup and skin care tips while painting my nails (remember the barbaric days before gel polish, when manicures lasted like, a day?).

I still rave about this beauty show to this day because there simply isn’t a show in the universe quite like it. The talk-show type setting makes beauty less serious and more fun—just like skin care and makeup should be!

When I was invited to be part of their "K-Beauty Syndrome" show as their special guest to share insights about the rise of K-beauty in the U.S., I walked around in a zombie-like stupor because it was just such an insane opportunity; it didn't feel real.

...Until I found myself staring at a script in the Get it Beauty Studio. 

Someone pinch me now.

The day went by I've documented as much as I could during the yes, EIGHT hour prep and shoot process. Here's a behind the scenes peek into my world that day (get ready for a lot of redundant peace sign selfies)!  

After some quick intros and hello's we jump right into rehearsing the script. Kim Jung Min (Get it Beauty co-host) and Kim Dasom (member from girl group Sistar) is in the room. Had no idea Dasom would be a special guest on the show, so I was pretty stoked when I walked in the room!


Honey Lee (former Miss Korea and the main Get it Beauty host) definitely belongs in my list of WCW. She's so smart, pretty and talented. I could really go on and on but I'll stop here.


We get ushered out the room for some final touchups on hair and makeup. Here we're filming the intro to the show. I'm amazed at how natural they are. I'm about to be introduced next! 


During the show I reveal my three most popular products—the first, our Manefit Bling Bling Hydro Gel Masks, Neogen Fresh Foam Cleanser...

... and finally the Son & Park Beauty Water


One of my favorite moments. When Dasom bets that she can guess one of the top sellers on Soko Glam and has to dance because she loses that bet...

Two hours of makeup and rehearsal and then another six hours just to film a one hour episode! It was pretty exhausting but I had so much adrenaline it didn't hit me until it was all over.  I can see why you'll need touchups on makeup and hair throughout the process. I was lucky that Dave was around to give me plenty of water and pep talks.

Because the shoot was so long, there were lots of chances for selfies in between the shoot. TONS.

Lucky to have met the charming Dasom from Sistar. 


The talented makeup artist, Woo Hyun-jeung. I've watched her for years as a special guest on Get it Beauty and now here I am next to her taking selfies. Unreal!


So clever that Kim Jung Min with that upside down V. Might have to try that next time.


Small world! I run into Park Eun Kyung again (yes, the creator of the shattered glass holographic nails) at the Get it Beauty Studio. Just enough time to squeeze in a selfie before her shoot!


I end the episode by expressing my desire to share K-beauty and skin care products and techniques with the rest of the world! It's a little cheesy, but hey it's true.


So there you have it—a sneak peek into my world behind the scenes at Get it Beauty! Watch the first 30 minutes by clicking the video embedded below, and then catch the last 30 minutes using the link below the video. (Apologies in advance for those who don't speak Korean. Once I find an episode with English subtitles, I will update this post!)


xx Charlotte

P.S. If you end up watching, let me know what you thought about the episode!
Have you seen Get it Beauty before? What do you like about the show? What's your favorite beauty tip you gained by watching the show?


Get it Beauty 2015.E36.151021.HD-1 by am113


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