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Links We Love: A Custom Gel Sheet Mask-Making Machine

November 06, 2015 THE KLOG
We love DIY beauty and obviously we love Korean beauty. When the two worlds meet, you BET that it’s going to involve top of the line innovations—like the Pomona, a make-it-yourself customizable sheet mask machine from Volition Beauty. You can use any liquid and it’ll make it into a gel mask. Just think—you can use your own essence and serum PLUS cold-pressed juices, red wine, milk… maybe you could eat the mask when you're done with it, granted it's all edible materials in there. Things can get pretty wacky (it also includes 42 “Bioactive Peptide Tablets” according to the site). It’s not technically available yet, but if you support the company, you can buy the machine when it gets manufactured at a discounted rate.


Korean Beauty Throughout History

It’s always interesting how beauty trends throughout history reflect the state of affairs. This international beauty series from The Cut showcases a minute-long capsule of those trends from different countries, the Korean version being unique in that politics weigh heavily even in beauty. Whether North or South, clear glowing skin is not only the one of the few similarities, it also appears to remain timeless. Naturally ;)


Koreans Reacting To American Celebrity Beauty Trends

We are all about making K-beauty mainstream around the world, but it seems like Koreans are just fine with their own beauty standards as they are. Turns out, these Koreans are just as perplexed as lots of us are about celebrity beauty trends like butt enhancements (politely referred to as “voluminous” in the vid), lip fillers, and full-on “Santa Claus” beards.

What kind of custom gel mask would you make? How do you feel about American beauty trends anyway? Do you agree with the most recent decades of Korean beauty? There are just so many beauty trends to try and encapsulate in under a minute...

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