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THE TUTORIAL: Multi-masking

November 17, 2015 Alexandra Deseda

First thing in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s not likely your first thought will be, “Better wear a sheet mask before coffee!” Absolutely not. But let’s change that—it’s time to play with masks! What I’m about to tell you will have you winning at Instagram and being a beauty trendsetter.

We all know we all have different concerns about our skin, and even on different parts of it: oily forehead? Dry cheeks? I hear you. What’s a girl to do? Wear a clay mask up top and sheet mask down below?

It’s actually not as crazy as it sounds. It’s a practice that Instagrammers and beauty magazines alike are touting—an ingenious trend called multi-masking! As the name suggests, you just mix and match your masks as needed.

Sometimes, when it comes to treating complicated skin concerns, a single sheet mask won’t cut it. Multi-masking involves simultaneously applying different kinds of masks to different areas of the face to treat those unique concerns. Trust me: It’s a time-saver and a skin-reliever.

Let’s see it in action. Are you ready?

It’s really simple! Pick what masks you want to apply by checking different areas of your skin to identify what unique treatments are needed. I prepared five items for my multi-masking sesh to address various concerns around my eyes, cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and jaw.

Tools of the trade today? Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch, Tony Moly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch, Tony Moly Strawberry Seed 3-step Nose Pack, Banila Co VV Elastic Dual Patch and RE:P Bio Fresh Mask With Real Calming Herb.

First, this little hamster one makes my tired and dark under-eye area bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (thanks, hamster!). The Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch fits directly under the eyes. Made of cool and refreshing hydrogel, these patches are perfect for keeping puffiness in check.

The next stage is the nose. Can you see lots of black “seeds” on your nose that make it look like a strawberry? Those are blackheads. Do you want to get rid of them? Probably. The Tony Moly Strawberry Seed 3-step Nose Pack can make your nose really clean. There are three steps to use it:

1. Take out the first sheet from the package and place it across your nose, letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before you remove it. This step conditions the area, loosening up those annoying little “seeds.” 
2. Smooth the second sheet over your nose. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Gently peel it off, lifting away the blackheads. There! It’s like a Biore pore strip but better because of this last step...
3. After all that, your nose deserves some TLC. Wear the third sheet for 10 to 15 minutes for a boost of hydrating essence. After, just gently tap the essence into your skin until it’s absorbed. Steps too long and too tough? After seeing how surprisingly clean and smooth your nose is, you won’t see it that way any more.


Are you a big smiler? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, big smiles bring deep wrinkle lines around your mouth (Better that way than to be unhappy though!). The Tony Moly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch will let you smile while cutting out wrinkle worry. It’s simple: These patches fit around the “parentheses” from your smile lines and promote hydration, elasticity, and firmness after 20 to 30 minutes of wear. Of course, that makes me smile—just try not to while masking.

Let’s go the bottom of my face. Here’s one thing you don’t want to miss: V-lifting. The “V” refers to the outline of the shape of your jaw and chin where gravity takes it toll over time. The best way to manage sagging and wrinkles is to prevent them before they happen.

Enter the Banila Co VV Elastic Dual Patch. I use the V-contour patch for my chin and neck. Just align the sheet with the jaw and loop it over ears. Let your skin soak up the hydrating goodness for 20 minutes, then discard. The hydrolyzed collagen will boost your V-zone’s elasticity.

Finally, the last step! What to do with the rest of your face? For forehead and cheeks, I’m applying the RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb. With your fingertips, apply the mask over the rest of your face for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. It calms my irritated skin and reduces redness. And score! It’s made with fresh herbs (you can see the little herbs in the mask, that's how fresh it is!) that gently exfoliate to remove debris.

Now that you’ve removed all the stuff on your face, take a look in the mirror. Hopefully, your skin’s a little glowier and looking happier (definitely an occasion to smile now that you’re mask-free).

The best part is you can design your own multi-masking set to fit your skin’s concerns by mixing other kinds of masks. It’s up to you!

Anyone tried this? What do you use?


Dahee is a Soko Glam marketing intern. She hails from Seoul where she spends her free time exploring endless beauty products, mad good food (Korean, of course!), and music (K-pop and deep house are among her favorite genres). Dahee really wants to share cool things in Korea with you guys! Follow @dddahee on Instagram to experience Korean life first hand.

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