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Team Soko Glam's Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

November 26, 2015 THE KLOG

This holiday, we hope you have a wonderful day with good family and friends and of course, food! Check out some of the dishes we're looking forward to most here at Soko Glam HQ.  

Charlotte - Cornbread

Image courtesy: Food Network

Usually anything with “corn” in the name works for me: Creamed corn, buttered corn, and my all-time favorite—cornbread!

For some reason, I can never make good homemade cornbread. It just doesn’t turn out right. My favorite store-bought cornbread is from Boston Market.

When I was a poor college student, I would buy a dozen at a time and eat one every day for breakfast. In high school, I even applied to work at Boston Market to figure out their special recipe. It was a weird obsession.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

Dave - Variety

Image courtesy: Beyond Kimchi

When I was little, Thanksgiving wasn’t really focused on the food as much as it was focused on the family. It was a time for everyone to come together, usually at my parents' house because we had the biggest dining table.  Yes, we were there to sit and eat but also to chat. We listened to grandparents reminisce and most importantly, parents showing off their kids’ latest talents. Depending on the age of the cousin, this could be playing the piano, reciting a Bible verse from memory, and even breakdancing (yup, that was me). This took center stage at Thanksgiving, so I don’t really have a particular favorite food.

That being said, I was (and still am) a big fan of variety and having a big table filled with a crap-load of different types of dishes—not just ones found in a traditional Thanksgiving spread, but also those that have a splash of Korean influence. Thanksgiving didn’t start until we had kimchi on the table. I’m that guy who puts the turkey and stuffing next to the kimchi and rice cakes. If you’re going to make me pick one, I’ll probably say this dish that my mom makes is my favorite, dak dori tang. It’s a spicy chicken dish that just can’t be beat. That with a little bit of mash is spot-on.

Sable - Sweet Potatoes (carbs in general)

Image courtesy: All Recipes

By the time dessert rolls around, I’m usually too stuffed to partake (though I do anyway against my better judgement). Good thing then that I’m able to take the sweet with a bit of savory in the perfect autumnal side-dish that is SWEET POTATOEOEOES (best uttered as a war cry, as my passion for yams runs deep). Never has my potato-lust been greater than when served as a heap of fresh-out-the-oven sweet potatoes with marshmallow melting on top. It’s become family tradition or more accurately, prerequisite, that sweet potatoes are the only dish that gets passed to me first before distributing, lest someone lose an arm.

Sara - Cream cheese pie

Image courtesy:

Let’s skip to dessert. One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes is a pie, but not just any pie. Apple? Cherry? Nope—please hold—fruits are best eaten au naturel! Pumpkin? Excellent, but cliche. Pecan is toward the top. The pie that in fact takes the cake our family affectionately calls cream cheese pie, but it’s oh-so-much more than that. 

Observe, from bottom to top: 

Graham cracker crust: Crumbly, luscious, and buttery with just a bite of spice, this crust’s slight crunch is extra nice.

Tangy custard filling: If your only use for sour cream is as a nacho topping, you’re missing out! It’s great with sweets too, making them extra moist (a word I hate but will make an exception for in this context). Mixed here with sugar and vanilla, the result is a smooth, sour nip that’s extra rich as a custard filling. 

Cream cheese “crust”: Actually, it’s not a crust. I’m at a loss for words as to how to describe this beautiful blend, but let me try: It’s a lovely, rich topping that, in consistency and function, is a hybrid of pie crust and cake frosting. Smoothed over the top as the pie sets in the fridge, it looks like a field of pure snow, perfect for a powder ski day.

Enjoy this slice cold.

Diana - Pumpkin Pie

Image courtesy: Simply Recipes

Growing up in a Chinese immigrant family, I never really celebrated Thanksgiving. My mom was intimidated at the thought of roasting a turkey, and the whole idea of making multiple American dishes for a single dinner was just not something she was interested in doing. I remember watching TV programs and movies as I drooled over the Thanksgiving spread that seemed to be so common on everyone else’s dinner tables.

When I was old enough to try my hand at cooking, I made the typical turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans that I saw on TV. All of it was tasty, but I was a bit underwhelmed from so many years of anticipation.

Then, I found pumpkin pie. The first time I had pumpkin pie, I nearly ate the entire thing on my own.

I love topping it with Cool Whip (or any other whipped cream!) and eating it by the spoonful. I always, always leave extra room so that I can have at least two slices. There’s something about the crunchy crust and creamy pumpkin filling that I can’t get enough of. It’s also not super sweet, which I tend to favor when it comes to desserts.

Maybe because pumpkin is such a signature autumn staple, I’m reminded of the time I spend with my family and sharing a meal together.

Margaret - Leftover turkey sandwiches! 

Image courtesy: Avocado Pesto

I know, I know, this isn’t technically a Thanksgiving day dish. But it wouldn’t be possible without all the laborious Thanksgiving preparation, so I think it’s probably safe to include here.

Why pick a single dish when I can get them all in one gloriously packaged bite? The sandwich stands roughly six inches tall, carefully stacked between slices of my dad's famous sourdough loaf. 

Remember to slather lots of spread (my vote goes to grainy mustard, but I'm willing to compromise with dijon) to keep your bread from getting soggy! Then load up with turkey (dark meat, please!), cranberry sauce, stuffing, and whatever else you manage to fit.

Enjoy until you've vanquished the leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Soko Glam team! 

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