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These Skin Care Sets for the Holidays are the Perfect Gift

December 03, 2015 THE KLOG
Holiday Quick Starter Set
One of the great things about the holidays is that all good things tend to come in bundles! Lots of food, lots of friends and loved ones all around, and of course bundles of gifts to dive into. We put together these amazing sets for any K-Beauty beginner to get their skin care routine going in the right direction, whether that’s you, your best friend, your mom, sister, brother, neighbor—literally anyone with skin can and will benefit from a thoughtfully curated and tailored regimen. Explore these sets with a list in hand of who’s getting which one this Holiday season!


If you want the best, start with the best. These all-star skin care products are your starting line for the race to your best complexion yet. These cleansers are a powerful combo to get your pores super clean, while the essence works its brightening and softening magic. And how could we not include a sheet mask—probably the first thing one thinks about when Korean Beauty comes to mind. This collagen infused mask will give your skin a 15 minute spa experience, where you’ll come out on the other side refreshed, dewy and super hydrated.


The road to clear skin is a long and snail-paved path. But your pores demand a cleaning first! This set, designed to defeat acne, gives you targeted ammo to zap your standing breakouts, a super pore-detoxifying clay mask to suck up any remaining debris and excess oil, and one of our top-selling creams with snail mucin to heal and sooth your skin, fading old acne scars and pigmentation, leaving you with a hydrated glowing finish.


We all know you can’t exactly turn back time on your skin, but it is never too early to repair the damage done and prevent new damage from happening. This set includes our best repairing products that help renew your cells, bring out its brightest and clearest tone, and pamper your skin to be its softest and smoothest yet. Your fine lines and dullness are no match for these powerful fermented ingredients.


Holidays are all about lights, so a bright complexion makes for an even more festive occasion, as does wine! These exfoliating peels with wine resveratrol offer some serious antioxidants while whisking away dead skin cells, and our vitamin C serum is a super-powerful skin-brightener. This duo is perfect for smoothing and healing pigmentation.


Your pores are in for it with this tightening and brightening duo. The toner sweeps away excess sebum and oil, effectively nixing blackheads and dead skin cells and smoothing your overall complexion, while the serum imparts lightweight hydration and skin-soothing ingredients. Oily and combination skin types can rejoice with these two, but anyone with congested pores can benefit from this set.

We have loads of other skin care sets—including everyone’s favorite 10-step skin care routine set. Check them out!

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