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Soko Glam Is Now 3—Celebrate With Us!

December 04, 2015 Charlotte Cho

What a difference a year makes. Soko Glam is in its third year now, and nothing could have prepared me for how far K-beauty has sprinted to the front of the beauty scene in the past year alone!

Ta-da! Leave it to Sephora to join team K-beauty in a BIG way.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Korean beauty is suddenly everywhere in the U.S in a big way! So many mainstream beauty retailers and magazines are recognizing K-Beauty as an industry mainstay, kind of how natural and organic beauty has fast become a norm. It’s like I keep saying, Korean beauty isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle and philosophy!

At UO Herald Square last March. It was INSANE how many of you came out!

Some of my favorite achievements this year have been collaborating with the same stores where I shopped when I was growing up and seeing them embrace Korean cosmetics. It was totally surreal hosting workshops at both Sephora and Urban Outfitters, not to mention holding skin care workshops at KCON—which if Korean culture was as momentous as prom, KCON would kind of be like that. Meanwhile back in Korea, the media was also taking note of how much the US was embracing Korean beauty so they invited me to be part of Get it Beauty to share my thoughts on the subject. And the milestone you guys know so much about— my very first book on K-beauty was published and then we got to celebrate with a sweet party, all of which could not have been done without Dave and team Soko Glam!

For those of you who are wondering if K-beauty is just a trend, take a quick look around at how much the industry is changing because of it! Some of Korea’s beauty’s biggest “trends,” like cushion compacts, sheet masks and essences are quickly being re-interpreted and produced by the largest beauty brands in the world. As they say, imitation is the best compliment, right? 

This makes me beyond excited for what’s to come. From what I’ve been told by some of the wisest R&D specialists in Korea about their vision for the future, the beauty industry is in for it once their innovations hit the market!

All that being said, some things do remain the same—like the warm and fuzzy feeling I always get when people share their skin care success stories, telling me that Soko Glam inspired them to whip their skin care into shape. Yesterday we received a long note with photos from a customer who struggled with persistent acne for years. With just a simple before and after photo, she shared how much her skin had dramatically improved with Korean beauty products, after she had tried everything from prescription creams to antibiotics.

Seeing and hearing about the confidence our community has gained from investing some time and thought into their skin is so fulfilling and rewarding. At the core, we know Soko Glam is more than just a place to buy a cleanser or a cute lip balm—it’s about finding confidence in your choices, taking control of your appearance, and of course triumphant skin transformations!

Just so you know, the team at Soko Glam reads all your emails, comments/suggestions—not to mention the pretty photos of your favorite K-beauty products on Instagram, and it’s so incredible to feel the overwhelming support from this community! Beauty should always be fun and I’m grateful that I’m able to have that experience with all of you! Thanks for embracing K-beauty and for all of your well wishes. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

xx charlotte

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