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Links We Love: Holiday Nail Art Long After 12 Days

December 25, 2015 THE KLOG
Image: Instagram

In between the gift exchanging, the feasting and nursing of food-comas, that leaves plenty of time for nail art. 50 different variations of holiday nail art, to be sure. It may be Christmas but that is no reason to neglect your nail game. And with that, you’ve got all day to nibble on Christmas cookies, while painting snowflakes and reindeer and all sorts of Santa variations. Be sure to have plenty of red, green, and white glitter polish at the ready. 


A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

One of the oddest and yet also satisfying-to-witness things to pop up on the internet recently comes in the form of a girl who rose to fame… by pressing her face in various breads. Yes, you read correctly. If you’re looking for a path to Instagram fame, you can follow in this anonymous girl’s steps and just put your face into the section of nourishment most highly recommended by the food pyramid. Or maybe not, since she’s already done that. Naturally, this person of interest warranted an interview from Vice, and when asked if there were any skin care effects to #breadfacing, she responded, “Yes. It’s not good. Specifically, the seeded breads irritate my skin a lot, but I really enjoy the ritual of skincare, so I have a system down. I also really love the look of real skin—oils, irritated pores, discoloration, bumps, zits—it’s fascinatingly gross.”
So there you have it. Don’t bread your face if you care about having clear skin. 

The oops heard around the universe

It’s one thing to renege on a statement, but when that particular statement leaves a bunch of tireless beauty pageant queens hanging, it’s awkward to say the least. Which is what makes this video of Steve Harvey hosting the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant and wrongly declaring the incorrect winner, and then righting himself just so cringe-worthy. It’s like watching Fear Factor honestly. However, amid the shocked cheers and overall confusion, you have GOT to admire the grace and dignity of watching Miss Columbia relinquishing her crown to Miss Philippines after what probably was some soul-crushing news on her part. No matter how you feel about beauty pageants, you can’t say that moment wasn’t the definition of grace. 


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