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New Year, New Resolutions: Respect Your Skin

January 05, 2016 Charlotte Cho

Good thing skin care products are getting nicer looking—
makes these resolutions more fun!


I opened up my Instagram the other day and someone I follow (a college-age student that I don’t know personally) posted: “Everyone’s posting resolutions, so here’s mine. Face masks once a week no matter how busy I get.” And along with that caption: a cute selfie of herself holding up a sheet mask.

That post made me smile! It’s a nice resolution, especially for a busy college student that needs to slow down once and a while and respect her skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body after all and is often something that tends to get neglected (even though we make time to eat kale and download meditation apps for our well-being).

My KLOG post about skin care resolutions that I wrote exactly a year ago today is actually my absolute favorite post! Were you guys around for it? We all spoke openly and shared our skin care stories. The best part was actually hearing from all of you about your personal skin journeys—from novice to skin care expert extraordinaire!

Why is it important to hear personal and real life accounts of a person’s skin care journey? If you're like me, there is nothing more motivating than hearing stories from your friends about what they did and the results they've seen.

Since it is the new year and with resolutions on everyone's mind, I thought it would be fun to make this a tradition—for K-beauty skin care converts to share their stories and encourage others who may be on the fence to pick up their skin care game this year!

Are you in? I'm so excited and thankful for your thoughts that Soko Glam is giving away FIVE $50 E-gift cards randomly to those who share their skin stories. And just to clarify, you don’t have to talk about K-beauty or products you’ve bought from Soko Glam to win. Honestly, we just want to hear what works best for you because people will be taking your advice seriously (plus we’ll be picking all of our winners at random anyway)! 

Here are the guidelines: 
1. Share your skin type, skin concerns—this will be helpful for those who relate to your skin conditions and want to follow your routine.
2. Share your routine, products and what has worked for you—don’t forget to include the results you’ve seen and if you have, any extra tips.
3. Share your skin care resolution—again, it doesn’t have to be product related, it could be simply to eat healthier.

We’re taking submissions now until January 15th and we’ll announce the five winners on January 18th here, so watch this space! 

Soko Glam has loads of fun skin care resolution plans coming this month, so I'm really excited to kick it off with this! I'll start first. Can’t wait to hear your stories and advice!

xx charlotte

Thanks so much for sharing your skin care stories! Congratulations to our randomly selected $50 e-Gift Card winners:

Frances Huynh
Claire Kim
Julia Broder
Melissa Anderson-Garrard
Esther C

Please email for your e-gift card!


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