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Links We Love: Cute Planners For The New Year

January 08, 2016 THE KLOG

Photo: Poketo

While everyone else is hemming and hawing about their new year’s resolutions finally coming to collect, there’s something else to be totally stoked on—new year means new planners! For the type-As, there’s no greater delight than a brand new planner, not yet bruised and abused from living at the bottom of your purse, and with plenty of empty pages waiting to be filled with cool stuff (and responsibilities, of course). The best way to get the use out of a planner that we know of is to get a cute one that you really enjoy looking at—that way, you know you'll always be looking at it. 


You Know K-pop Has Reached Mainstream When It's On FOX

Isn’t it so weird when you read about Korean beauty or K-pop as “the new hip thing?” Because HELLO, K-beauty and K-pop have been around for a MINUTE now, people. Get with it! Alternatively when a hugely popular sitcom dedicates a whole episode to Korean pop culture, it definitely makes us go, “OMG that’s so cool!” If you watch Family Guy, last Sunday’s episode went to South Korea, the plot revolving around Korean dramas and K-pop, with this hilarious clip of Sistar’s “Touch My Body” music video. Peter’s reaction is basically the same thing we said after seeing K-pop for the first time. 


Beauty Resolutions That We Can Get Down With

Not that you aren’t perfect the way you are, but after reading this list of beauty resolutions, we found ourselves nodding along, thinking, “mhmm, yes, gotta get in on that, mhmm...” Whether you wear makeup or not so much, it wouldn’t hurt to expand your beauty horizons—and for that matter, maintain the ones you’re already at. When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Can you remember? Yeah, it’s like that.
One beauty resolution we’d add to this list however is to get your skin care game on lock. It’ll make all that other stuff a lot easier, we promise.


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