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The Review: Neogen Dermalogy Pore Refine Serum

February 05, 2021 THE KLOG

You may throw up your hands, shrugging-emoji style, and say to yourself, "All serums are the same!" It's an easy assumption to make, but it's definitely not the truth. The truth is that while many serums do feel and look the same, they don't all serve the same function. For example, some are intended for especially dry skin, some focus on fighting signs of aging, and others, including the Neogen Dermalogy Pore Refine Serum, are ideal for those with sensitive AND acne-prone skin.

If you've got acne-prone skin and have been hesitant to integrate a serum into your skincare regimen out of fear of it breaking you out or being too oily/hydrating for already oily skin, this little diddy should nix your fears.

For starters, its texture is unlike many serums already out there. It's much thinner, it doesn't have an oily feeling to it at all, and it is absorbed into the skin almost instantly. Once applied, your skin feels and looks noticeably more matte but, and this is important, it doesn't feel dry.

Here's what it does:

It calms your skin down, reducing redness from irritation, blemishes, and skin conditions. It does so with the help of soothing herbal extracts, including Witch Hazel, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract and Portulaca Oleracea Extract.

It purifies the skin. That means that it battles existing acne, whiteheads, blackheads and sebum buildup to give you clearer skin.

It helps regulate sebum production, which is the oily stuff stuff that can cause acne and sebaceous filaments from sneaking their way onto your pretty face. Bonus: less sebum also translates to smaller pores, hence the name of the product!

While the instant results are impressive in and of themselves, Pore Refine is in it for the long haul. As with many products, consistent use is the key to really seeing a difference in the quality of your skin. Fortunately, you get a sizable bottle (50mL) and one tiny pump of the product once or twice a day is all you need, meaning it'll last you a long time.

So in short, if you're looking for a serum to incorporate into your routine, but you're worried about adding too much additional moisture and you happen to have very sensitive skin, Pore Refine has you covered.


—Wendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a beauty writer and photographer who lives in the middle of the desert, where sunscreen and moisturizers mean more to her than perhaps to the average human. She vividly, and fondly, remembers the first time she used a B.B. cream: in Seoul during a one-year stint she did back in 2009. She currently serves as contributing editor at xoVain and is an editorial writer at Refinery29, ModCloth, and other outlets. For Wendy, a lazy makeup day usually involves at least six products and probably a cat eye. Follow Wendy at @Wendyrgould

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