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February 01, 2016 Charlotte Cho



Mid January I had my very first Reddit AMA on the subreddit /r/skincareaddiction, and a redditor asked me:

[–] turangaleah
What is your favorite splurge/'treat yourself' purchase?

I responded to the redditor that I tend to splurge on really expensive masks! It's mainly because I’m so curious to see how effective and amazing a sheet mask will be at that price tag.

Unfortunately, I am usually very disappointed and deal with a bit of buyer's remorse for spending $25+ on a single sheet mask. 

But the good news is that through all the sheet mask testing I've done, I'm convinced you can get the highest quality sheet mask in Korea within the $2-6 range. 

Manefit Bling Bling Sheet Mask Set - Rose
(4 sheets for $22)


So what is my favorite sheet mask within that price point? Hands down, the Bling Bling line from Manefit. The mask is luxuriously thick, cooling and soothing and gives my skin an intense hydrating treat. It’s a custom fit sheet mask (split in two for the top half of my face and for the bottom half) that doesn’t slip off my face, making it convenient and easy for masking nights. Most importantly, the next morning, my skin looks radiant.

I have combination skin - my cheeks and the skin around my eyes are pretty dry and so I see a lot of fine lines in these areas. Manefit masks usually do wonders with firming up that skin so that everything appears brighter as well as more supple and hydrated.

Manefit was actually one of the first sheet masks I curated into Soko Glam back in 2012. I curated it not because of their brand name (because yes, it isn’t a mainstream brand in Korea) but I knew immediately after my first use that it was a very high quality product without the expensive price tag. Perhaps if it had a brand name associated with it, they could easily charge $20 a sheet mask. Instead, it's priced at a very affordable $6 per sheet.

As I started to get to know the brand, I soon discovered why the quality was on par and even exceeded other brand name masks. Manefit was created by the Korean mask manufacturers who make over 80% AmorePacific sheet masks, from Innisfree to Sulhwasoo. It's a big deal because AmorePacific is the largest Korean cosmetic company and they're known for creating some of the most popular brands in the country.

With a little more research and even a trip to their manufacturing facility, it was clear to me that this was a gem in the sea of sheet masks that were out there in Korea and I needed to bring this insider knowledge back to you!


Manefit Beauty Planner Sheet Mask Set - Cucumber
(5 sheets for $10)

Now 3 years later after curation, I'm not surprised to see that Manefit sheet masks are still the #1 selling sheet masks on Soko Glam, despite the fact that I’ve introduced quite a few! 

By the way, if you haven't noticed, Manefit has a fresh new design and also sold in boxed sets so that you can now save even more on your sheet masking. Shop the full collection here.

Have you tried Manefit sheet masks? Is there a sheet mask you absolutely love? I'm always looking to curate more, so please share your comments below! 

New to sheet masking? Read the tutorial here. 

xx charlotte

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