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February 02, 2016 Charlotte Cho

We spent the morning with Lead MUA Anton Khachaturian for Concept Korea Menswear F/W 2016 to hear his thoughts on male skin care in the U.S. 

On Concept Korea's Menswear F/W 2016 featuring Korean designers Dong-jun Kang of DBYD and Jang Hyeong Dong of Ordinary People.

Some shows are more editorial, but for this show they just wanted them to just look healthy and awake. You know how models are, they show up looking like they didn't sleep for the past 8 hours. I'm here to make them an A+ version of themselves.

Ordinary People Collection by Jang Hyeongcheol
 Photo by Aaron Park


On men wanting to take care of their skin:

Absolutely. I think that men have done it for a long time but now it's just becoming more visible. I get asked quite often, "What are the best products for men?" Well, you can actually use a lot of the same things that women use.

On the biggest male skin concerns:

Often times they have concerns about shaving irritation and ingrown hairs. I recommend using an astringent, like witch hazel, after shaving to close the pores and heal the razor burn. Men should carefully choose their skin care and shaving products, because if it is harsh on the skin, it can irritate the follicles more. Lastly, make sure to shave with the grain of the hair, not against it.

Male Model in Ordinary People F/W '16. Collection by Jang Hyeongcheol
 Photo by Aaron Park


On the best skin care tip for men & women:

Biggest skin care tip in general in life, for everyone is to wear sunscreen. I don't care where you live, if it's cloudy or rainy, or if you're walking outside to get the mail or to get into a cab. You're doing more damage to your skin during those moments than when you spend a whole day at the beach. Never leave the house without it.

And ladies, there is not enough sunscreen in your makeup so wear your sunscreen first and then makeup! 

Anton Khachaturian is a leading MUA based in Los Angeles who works with celebrities such as Rumer Willis, Debby Ryan, Ellen Hollman and Lea Michele. Follow Anton on Instagram @antonkhach.

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