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IRL: Alison Meineke on the SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm VIP Gold

February 11, 2016 THE KLOG

My experience with the Skin79 BB VIP GOLD didn’t start off well. At first, it wasn't always easy to work with, just like my skin. My skin is like my arch nemesis. I have a very oily face and it's not just during the summer, but it's also oily in the winter. On top of being oily, my skin also gets dry at times! When my face does get dry, the oil glands seem to double compensate for the lack of moisture on my skin, and then that's when I get oily again.

I realized the trick to minimizing the oil is to find a make a product that hydrates my skin, but also does not make my skin look oily.

One day, on Soko Glam, I took a browse through the make up page and saw the Skin79 BB Cream VIP GOLD. The description said that it was very hydrating, it had SPF, and it would even help some of my problems on my skin, like acne scars. Though I was a little bit skeptical thinking that this may be too good to be true I went out and bought it anyway.

I was confused about the color options, because there was only one shade to choose from! After trying it, I learned that when you apply the cream onto your face it immediately starts to oxidize and become darker to match your skin color. Unfortunately, even at its darkest state it still didn't quite match my overall skin color so I had to use one of my colored powders and blend it into the foundation so that it looked correct on my skin. This is where I got frustrated because I'm a very lazy person especially with make up. I tend to like getting my makeup routine done in 10 minutes and this process exceeded that. I wasn't happy. I even thought about sending it back!

Then one day after working and going to school for 12+ hours, I realized that my skin never felt dry and I was not that gross oil slick that I was so use to. I felt normal! Better yet, when I took off my make-up, my skin didn't look angry at me for covering it up all day! It looked... at peace. Perhaps even happy? I was pleasantly shocked and stood there staring at myself for a good minute or two. 

From then on I was hooked! Nowadays I use it every time I put on makeup, especially if I want to wear it all day outside in the cold, dry air. I’ve noticed that my skin feels soft and healthy, while my stubborn acne scars seem to magically melt away. Love it! Just a tip for oily skin types - set the BB cream with an oil control powder. If you want a glow or even just a slight glow, lightly powder or don’t powder at all. Good luck!

- Alison Meineke on the SKIN79 BB VIP Gold


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