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February 08, 2016 THE KLOG

With NYFW F/W 2016 just around the corner, THE KLOG caught up with model Margaux Brooke to talk about her travel beauty tips, a beauty experiment gone awry and her favorite K-beauty discovery moment.

THE KLOG: Have you ever had a K-beauty discovery moment? What was the first K-beauty product/trend you were introduced to and how you reacted to it?

M. BROOKE: The first K-beauty product that I ever tried was a sheet mask. I had a makeup artist put one on me at a photoshoot. She was like, “this will make your skin nice and hydrated.” Of course all I cared about once she put it on was taking endless selfies in the funny mask, but when she took it off, my face felt more hydrated than it ever had in my whole life. I was hooked.

THE KLOG: Growing up, did you ever have any beauty-experiments gone awry? Or can you remember where you learned a lot of beauty and skin care knowledge growing up?

M. BROOKE: I remember the first time I ever got a Clarisonic brush for my face. It was right before I had a big beauty campaign campaign and I was like, “I’m gonna use this thing and show up tomorrow with the best skin they’ve ever seen.” Little did I realize that you’re only suppose to use it for the timed amount. I probably used it for 3-4 times that and ended up getting Clarisonic burn (like a rug burn), all of my face. I showed up the next day with little areas that scabbed my chin and nose and they makeup artists freaked! Luckily they were able to cover it enough to shoot, but I definitely learned my lesson. Don’t use products for longer than advised.

THE KLOG: How do your beauty habits adapt when you're traveling so much for work? Got any good traveling beauty tips?

M. BROOKE: When I travel a lot the one thing I try to focus on the most is keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized. It’s so rough on your skin to be in different climates and levels of pressure (from flying), so it’s important to always stay hydrated. I carry a misting spray in my bag and apply frequently, along with moisturizer when I need that moisture to soak in really well.

THE KLOG: For that matter, have you found any particularly amazing beauty discoveries while traveling?

M. BROOKE: When I was away in NYC I stumbled in to a K-beauty store called CLIO, and the women there recommended this foaming facial wash. It goes on clear, then beads up, you can apply small amounts of water to make it foam up a few times in a single use. It really exfoliated my skin and made my pores look smaller.

THE KLOG: If you had 5 minutes to get ready, what would be your beauty go-tos?

M. BROOKE: Definitely moisturizer, mascara and highlighter. It gives me a wide eyed and fresh look.

THE KLOG: What are 3 beauty products you can't imagine a life without?

M. BROOKE: Definitely lip balm, moisturizer and mascara.

THE KLOG: Working in an industry so focused on appearance, how do you think your career has influenced your beauty philosophy?

M. BROOKE: Being a model you always have to look your best, unless it’s fashion week then they’re like “don’t wear any makeup”, but mainly models often have to do their makeup fast and on the go. So you learn to carry your essentials with you and apply them anywhere you can- on the subway, in a taxi, in the waiting room outside your casting. I’ve learned to put on my makeup extremely fast, and I’m usually ready to go out sooner than my boyfriend is.

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