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February 19, 2016 THE KLOG
Read All About Korean Beauty Secrets, in Polish!

Photo credit: Instagram @urodaiwlosyblog

Now that The Little Book of Skin Care is translated for all our Poland friends we're  loving the photos and hashtag #SekretyUrokyKoreanek trending on Instagram! It's still amazing how big K-beauty is globally and we're thrilled that everyone is relating to the Korean beauty philosophy, no matter the differences in language or cultural background.

For our Russian friends out there, the translated version will be available in a few months and Spain to follow! Stay tuned!

Stella Kim from Sundays with Stella Reveals her 11-Step Routine
NY-based Clinique beauty marketer Stella Kim has both sensitive and acne-prone skin (a tricky combo), but she's able to keep it glowing and clear with 11 essential steps. As she walks us through her multi-step routine using a mix of skin care products ranging from Son & Park Beauty Water to the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, we can't help but also obsess over her perfectly arched eyebrows. Our desperate plea: please do a tutorial on how you shape your brows, because they are on point!

Photo credit: Elle Magazine

You know when sheet masks have gone mainstream when Justin Bieber officially makes his sheet masking debut on Instagram, although sources say that he has been flaunting his sheet mask selfies on Snapchat since late last year. From the looks of his latest IG selfie, it looks like he can't get enough of the hydrogel variety. It's one of our favorite sheet masks too because they're 100% soluble with skin benefiting ingredients, which means extra essences delivered straight to your skin! We also love how he's showing the world that he's a "belieber" in the skin-first philosophy. Even though he may not have a wrinkle in sight at age 21, he reminds us it's never too late to start!
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