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February 27, 2016 THE KLOG
The Magical App for Emoticon Heaven

Photo credit: Vogue Magazine

There is so much more to emoticons than just what's on your iPhone and Facebook. Download the popular Line Camera app for a more kawaii variety of stickers and emoticons so you can jazz up your hum-drum selfies and photos. Clearly these emoticons have Asian beauty influences- the bunny lounging on the sofa, sheet masking is a dead giveaway. We'll have to get Mark Zuckerburg on that one.  

Be A Beauty Guru With Kind of Stephen's Beauty Recap


Did you know that Lip Smackers launched a Starburst flavored lip balm? Or that Indian men buy more cosmetics online than Indian women? Want to be the first to know that Kylie Jenner just created a nail polish line? For your weekly round up of beauty industry news that you need to read (or at least skim), we highly recommend subscribing to Stephen Ko's curated Beauty Recap newsletter. What we love is that his personal interest in Korean beauty means he includes lots of Korean cosmetic updates!

Video credit: Buzzfeed

We may be set in our ways, but it never hurts to explore new delicacies from different countries. We love how Buzzfeed rounded up a bunch of Americans and handed them a bunch of interesting Korean snacks to try (i.e. roasted squid and peanut balls) so that they can record their reactions. In case you're wondering, all of the snacks represented here are pretty popular in Korea so Buzzfeed did a good job with the selection. Special shoutout to the fish sausage - because contrary to the odd shape and the funky texture, it's actually really tasty.
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