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This Futuristic Cushion Will Change The Way You Makeup

February 29, 2016 THE KLOG


The year 2015 was a big one for cushion makeup, and for good reason. It’s a breeze to apply, super easy to toss in your purse and use on the go, and it creates an unparalleled glowy, smooth and natural finish. For the most part, it’s safe to say that cushion technology remains consistent across the board: a soft sponge, ideal for blending to a subtle and glorious finish, lightly doused with product (blusher, foundation, lip stain). Some come in squeezable tubes, others are compacts offering a very straightforward application.

Then there’s Banila Co.’s V-V Bouncing Cushion, which looks very futuristic, but is exceptionally functional. In fact, I’ve received quite a few looks and questions from friends catching me in touch up mode. “Whatis that?” and “How does it work?” are two FAQs. So here’s the run-down.

The foundation makeup itself (which boasts an SPF50+) is housed in a plastic compact. There it remains, sight unseen, until you gently press downward with the included cushion. As you do, beads of the foundation magically appear, allowing you to scoop it up with the sponge and sweep across your face. Because only small amounts are dispensed at a time, you don’t run the risk of over application (seriously, it’s impossible to do with this stuff) and it makes for a more even finish at the end of the day. 

The included “bouncing cushion” sponge is very soft and easy to manipulate, allowing you to get into those tinier crevices around your nose and under and between your eyes. As for the actual foundation, its creamy and lightweight formulation makes for a feather light, dewy finish that also provides plenty of coverage.

I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of reapplying my makeup throughout the day. It’s usually just too much of a hassle, requires more time that I typically have when I’m on the go, and it can get messy. This Banila co. V-V Bouncing Cushion, however, has changed the entire process for me. I do keep it in my purse, and my touch ups are not only clean and painless, but take no more than a minute or two. In other words: nobody’s wondering why I’m taking so long in the bathroom whenever I decide to go in for a little touch up.

Bottom line: At around $40, it does lean a little bit spendy. However, the compact comes with a refill, so you’re essentially getting two for the price of one. Additionally, a little goes a long way and the dispensing mechanism prevents you from losing product to spillage or overuse. Pair a quality product with a quality application process and a very futuristic design worthy of oohs and ahhs and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

—Wendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a beauty writer and photographer who lives in the middle of the desert, where sunscreen and moisturizers mean more to her than perhaps to the average human. She vividly, and fondly, remembers the first time she used a B.B. cream: in Seoul during a one-year stint she did back in 2009. She currently serves as contributing editor at xoVain and is an editorial writer at Refinery29, ModCloth, and other outlets. For Wendy, a lazy makeup day usually involves at least six products and probably a cat eye. Follow Wendy at @Wendyrgould


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